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Gumi’s Strategy RPG ‘The Alchemist Code’ Launching Globally November 14th

At the end of August Gumi, Inc. announced that they’d be bringing their popular Japanese mobile strategy RPG For Whom The Alchemist Exists to global markets later this year under the title The Alchemist Code. Then just a couple of weeks ago they opened up a pre-registration campaign where excited fans could sign up not only to be notified of any new The Alchemist Code news but also could “perform exciting pre-registration summons that contribute to the Pre-registration Milestone Campaign Rewards." That DOES sound exciting. Anyway, today Gumi has announced the final global release date for The Alchemist Code and it’ll be arriving later this month on November 14th.

While turn-based strategy RPGs aren’t really my thing, I can’t deny that the overall production values and some of the novel gameplay mechanics highlighted in the above trailer are really impressive. This game has been incredibly well-received over in Japan so I’m guessing it’ll do pretty well globally too. Also, as a reminder, Gumi has previously released an iOS sticker pack and some Android Live Wallpapers to help celebrate the impending release of The Alchemist Code, so be sure to download those if you’re interested or hit up the pre-registration page if you haven’t already and keep an eye out for the game’s global release later this month on November 14th.