Words With Friends is probably one of the most recognizable mobile games in the world (along with games like Candy Crush Saga and, maybe, Clash of Clans), but after 8 years of life, Words With Friends is showing its age, so Zynga had decided to release today the sequel, Words With Friends 2 [Free]. This brand new game will bring changes both to the way the game looks and to the way it plays. Specifically, expect a more visually pleasant UI, with better colors and bigger fonts, both essential changes for the older demographic. The new version brings along more than just aesthetic changes. Words With Friends 2 gets Solo Challenge, a single-player mode that uses AI technology to help you improve your skills. Bots of a range of skills will help you finally get better at not losing that badly when playing.

Words With Friends 2 also adds synchronous multiplayer to the formula in the form of Lightning Round, which also allows you to play against more than one person in the same match for even more fun. The new game will also add the Social Dictionary that the original got as an update a few months back, so expect to see all kinds of frustrating words (if you're my age). There's even more to the new version, and I'm glad to see the much-loved original getting a new chance to shine in the form of Words With Friends 2.


  • malt667

    Is there cross-platform with WWF 1? It seems frustrating to have to get my friends to upgrade if I do.

    • HelperMonkey

      Valid question

      • HelperMonkey

        Okay. Just checked and it’s no issue.
        Cross compatible with the original, and profiles/ongoing games carry over.

      • http://wizodd.tumblr.com Wizard of Odyssey

        They did something similar with Chess with Friends a little while ago. I was able to move to the new app, delete the old app, and nothing but good things followed. They'll probably continue supporting the original app (isn't it already New Words With Friends anyway?) but Words With Friends 2 is more colorful and seems a lot more responsive.

  • Kay J Callahan

    Well in the lightning round it wouldn't let me play any letters how

  • demypeace

    im really mad. nothing helps me i can't find the freaking solo challenge option where is it i-