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‘Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition’ Pre-Registration Is Now Live on Android

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is a mobile remake of the massive Final Fantasy XV that released last year on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. When Eli played the opening section of it, he was pretty impressed with how well it followed the console game. The one thing we were all skeptical about was pricing because it isn’t a secret that Final Fantasy XV has been a massive project spanning over a decade for consoles. There’s a new trailer for the pocket edition that you can watch below:

If you’re on Android, pre-registration is now live on Google Play and you can do that here. The spec for Android is devices running 5.0 or later with a CPU of 1.5GHz or higher and with 2GB RAM or more. It will need between 5 and 8GB of free space depending on the resolution as well. While there’s no pre-registration for iOS yet, it will require iOS 11.1 and later and the minimum hardware requirement will be an iPhone 6S on the phone or iPad Air 2 for the iPad side of things. More information on compatibility is available on the Japanese information page here.

Here’s some footage of Eli playing the first 20 minutes of it at PAX:

The page also mentions pricing and there is variable pricing depending on the chapters. The first chapter will be free with chapters 2 and 3 costing $0.99 Yen each. Chapters 4 onwards until 10 will be $3.99 Yen each. There will be a bundle of everything for $19.99. Check out the forum thread on the game here. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will be out on iOS and Android later this year.