It was just about a year ago that Square Enix announced a proper sequel to their mobile-exclusive premium RPG Final Fantasy Dimensions, known as Final Fantasy Legends in Japan, and it was just last Friday that they announced that the game would be launching on November 1st. Well, we're not quite at November 1st just yet, at least in our part of the world, but Final Fantasy Dimensions II [$14.99] has decided to pop up in the App Store a day earlier than expected. And here's a thing: It's a totally paid, IAP-free release clocking in at a price of $14.99.

This game has a pretty weird history. Originally released in Japan in February 2015 as Final Fantasy Legends: The Crystal Of Time And Space, it was positioned as a direct sequel to the first Final Fantasy Dimensions/Legends but was a free to play game closer to a social RPG than a traditional one. It chugged along in Japan for about a year and a half before Square Enix announced a massive update to the game and a rebranding as Final Fantasy Legends II. That update replaced the original version of the game, but now in conjunction with releasing the game worldwide the original game is now being retired in favor of today's newly-released version of Final Fantasy Dimensions II. Yeah, it's messy.

Seeing as there are people in the world who have conceivably been playing this game in some form for nearly two years, it'll be really interesting to see what has changed in the move from being a free to play social RPG into a premium paid title. We'll have our Final Fantasy expert Shaun Musgrave put this new Final Fantasy Dimensions II release through the wringer to bring you a review shortly, but until then, assuming you might not want to drop fifteen bucks on a game just to see if it's something you'll like, you can also find impressions and discussion about the game in our forums.

  • Jeremy Price

    Interesting. God love SE.

  • zergslayer69

    Glad it's premium upfront and not free with premium unlock in case their servers ever go down for authentication.

  • curtneedsaride

    I wonder if this means we'll see FF Brave Exvius or Mobius as a premium game some day once it's run its course.

    • Bliquid

      I'd seriously love Mobius to become a full game premium experience.

  • Jinxtah

    Interesting. Is it a self-contained story ala each normal final fantasy game, or a continuation of the first?

  • PokemonGOD

    It's crashing. Won't download obb. Unplayable. Samsung Galaxy 7

  • Valentin

    I wonder if this means we'll see FF Brave Exvius or Mobius as a premium game some day once it's run its course.

  • Mysterious Heroine X

    This is amazing. Most companies when their f2p online games stop making money they just say sorry and goodbye. SQE actually turned this into a full game essentially "immortalizing" it. A very very good move. Honestly, I least expected it since SQE despite its many ports, just keeps making online f2p games constantly (most of them in Japan).

    • Dailon Huskey

      I’m glad they did it’s a good game at its core and now much better

  • Dailon Huskey

    As someone who has played both versions I am super gald it’s premium and glad they made the changes they did it wasn’t a bad FTP game but it’s a way better premium game
    One you can play in quick bursts or for hours it’s great for both
    Very much enjoying and money well spent

  • seanbperiod

    I wish they kept or slightly modified the original retro Final Fantasy Dimension graphics instead of giving it this overhaul. It hardly looks like any other Final Fantasy game.

  • darkfyra

    Don’t work on iPad Air(the first one),making it only for fifth generation is dumb.

    • Milotorou

      Fifth generation is for the ipod touch.

      For the ipad the minimum requirement is iPad 2. Your air is fine. Just read properly 👍

      • darkfyra

        To be fair I though it said Air 2 but after proper reading,my old Air is fine yet....a free2play turned paid weird me out.

      • Milotorou

        Hahaha, i wasnt offending or anything, I figured it was a misread 😊

  • elthesensai

    Anyone play this yet? Is it a jrpg like the first one or a social rpg?

  • Aggro Magnet Games

    Nice! Looking forward to Shaun's review!