Last night Nintendo announced most of the details for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. If you missed the presentation, it's basically the same Animal Crossing that you know and love with some incredibly minor differences- Instead of building out a house, you've got a camp site and a camper that'll be the focus of your efforts. Aside from that, all of the Animal Crossing features you've come to expect seem to be there.

Pre-registration went live last night, but you can actually download the game right now in the Australian App Store. It requires an Australian iTunes account, but the steps to create one are super trivial which we laid out when Clash Royale was new.

There's one tiny wrinkle though, in that in order to get the soft launched version of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp to recognize your Nintendo account, you'll need to log in to My Nintendo and change your account region to Australia. That seems to be all the region locking they've done. (Alternatively, you could just not link your Nintendo account and start over when the game hits the US?)

Here's the download links:

I'm going to grab the game and hop in, stay tuned for some first impressions!

  • Glenn Ference

    Uh oh, seems like it isn't possible to not have a payment method when creating an account from another country. Can someone else verify to confirm?

    • Nick

      I think they are doing that for all Countries from now on. I went to create a new account for a different Country a few days ago and I needed a form of payment.

      • NonstopRug

        Not sure if this is still the case but it use to be that you needed to setup the ID on the computer version of iTunes. This was the way to get the ‘None’ payment option.

    • digitaligor

      I have an not-so-old Nintendo account (using it only for Nintendo iOS Games) and don't have any payment method.
      I changed my country settings from Italy to Australia and, to test it again, from Australia back to Italy, without problems.

    • Jason

      Create the ID on your phone. The "None" payment option is there.

  • Jason

    The method of creating a new account that you linked to (Clash Royale) doesn't seem to work because the app store is not on the desktop iTunes anymore. There a way to do this from a device?

    • NonstopRug

      You can use the iTunes Store on the desktop.

    • Jason

      I got it to work.

      You need to create the new Australian ID on your phone, not the desktop. The None option appears for payment by doing it on your phone. Then you'll need to go into your phone's settings to log out of the app store and log back in with the new ID

      • Minamori

        In the App Store on your device? I only have the option for Credit card and PayPal.

      • Jason

        On my device. You need to sign out of the app store in your phone's settings and then try to download a free app in the app store. It'll ask you if you want to sign in or create a new account.

      • Emphasisx

        Thanks! For anyone that can't see "none". I tried through the desktop app and through the app store and None wasn't an option. I tried what Jason did and tried to download a free app and created a new id and the none option was there.

      • Talxn

        I can confirm this also works. I signed out, tried to download a free app, and then it let me create a new account in Australia with the option "none". Thank you guys!

      • dlehman

        I can get the "none" payment option, but the final "email verification step" always fails. I get the verification code via email, but it never works when I enter it. Always get "For assistance, contact iTunes Support at" Anyone else get past this?

  • baldeagle86

    Praise Nook!

  • Dexan

    I have an Australian account made but it says since it is my first time using the store I need to put a payment method. Anybody else get past that?

  • porsupah

    The pressing question, for me: "in app purchases available". What are they? I'm really hoping they've taken a light touch with the IAPs.

    • Daniel Schroeder

      The premium currency is leaf tickets, which you buy in packs of 20, 45, 100, 200, 600, and 1200 for AUS$1.49, 2.99, 5.99, 12.99, 32.99, and 62.99, respectively. You use these to purchase items and speed up timers. It's unclear how aggressive the timers get, but Nintendo has been pretty generous with their mobile apps so far, so I wouldn't worry about it.

      • porsupah

        That's reassuring - thanks! Are there any means to grind for leaf tickets, as with Bells in AC:WW, where you could harvest and sell fruit, and so on?

      • Daniel Schroeder

        I've gotten them mostly from leveling up I think. I have only used tickets once, and that was to expand my inventory.

      • Kaemalux

        Sorry, can you actually purchase Leaf tickets now? I cannot see any of purchase options at the moment... thanks!

  • Vid Icarus

    If I switch my Nintendo ID accounts region to Australian from US will this mess with any of my other Nintendo devices or purchase histories/rights? I’d love to start playing this sooner than thanksgiving, but I don’t want to screw up my Nintendo ID.

  • dlehman

    For the life of me, I can’t get an Aus. Apple ID created. I can get the “none” payment option, but the email verification step at the end of creating an id always fails. I get the verification code via email, but when I enter it, always the “please contact Apple” error message. Have tried 10+ times, from laptop, iPhone, and iPad. Any suggestions?

    • Alex Smith

      You will probably need to try it with a different email address as the Apple ID, that should work.