If you had to ask me to name my favourite iPhone games of all time, I'm sure that Game Dev Story [$4.99] would undoubtedly be sitting proudly near the top of the list. Despite releasing hundreds of variably interesting simulation titles on the App Store over the years, Kairosoft's iOS debut in 2010 created the perfect concoction of immersive gameplay, a fascinating concept and an engaging sense of progression, and Game Dev Story is still arguably the game to beat when it comes to the video game development simulators. After Game Dev Story's release, numerous similar titles emerged, most notably Game Dev Tycoon on Steam. After proving to be a massive hit with streamers and YouTubers alike, Game Dev Tycoon is now launching on iOS on November 28th, along with a redesigned interface for mobile and a number of new gameplay additions.

Considering the rumoured sequel to Kairosoft's classic title has not yet materialised (I'm still holding out hope!), Game Dev Tycoon is the next best thing for anyone wanting to experience the trials and tribulations of video game development without the numerous real-world hardships and sacrifices. The mobile iteration of the title will also receive the aforementioned content update that will add a number of cool extras for anyone who may have played Game Dev Tycoon before, such as even more game types, a super-difficult option to replicate the developer's own experience with piracy, and built-in video and streaming support. Best of all is a brand new story line, which is suggested to be centred around the Nintendo Switch's bitter tasting cartridges. One day I'll surely gain the courage/stupidity (delete as appropriate) to lick my copy of Breath of the Wild. Until then, look out for Game Dev Tycoon on the App Store on November 28th, and check out our forum thread for more discussion.

  • jamiejap

    i played it on the pc years ago: don't remember much , wasn't much impressed i think, but why not give it a second try?

  • Saveria

    Top three for me: dungeon village, game dev story, and pocket stables, i think the only horse simulation game ive ever played that didn't suck.

    awaiting a volleyball sim from them someday..

    • OldSchoolHeel

      That's Kairosoft. This is a different company.

      • Saveria

        Oh OK my bad

      • OldSchoolHeel

        It's cool. I hope this game is as good as or better than Game Dev Story.

  • Veryl

    What time should this show up on the App Store?