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Noodlecake and No Monkeys Bringing ‘Mmm Fingers 2’ to iOS and Android this Week

Just about 3 years ago, Noodlecake Studios partnered up with developer No Monkeys to release the frantic avoidance game Mmm Fingers (Free), which tasked you with keeping your finger pressed on the screen as you dodged all manner of hazards that were out to harm that poor finger of yours. The game was one of the biggest hits for both studios, and went on to be downloaded more than 24 million times. Now the developers are back with a bigger and better sequel called Mmm Fingers 2. Here’s the trailer.

As you can probably tell, the basic gist in Mmm Fingers 2 is the same as its predecessor: Keep your finger on the screen and avoid hazards at all costs. However, there are lots of new monsters and patterns for players to master, and the biggest change comes in the form of two new modes. First is Daily Challenge mode which gives all players around the world the same exact level to play for the day to see who can score the highest, with a new level coming every day. Then there’s Challenge Mode which has you playing through 75 custom designed levels in either Easy, Hard, or Speed difficulties. The first Mmm Fingers was a lot of fun and this sequel sounds even better, so look for it to drop this Thursday.