Ankama's Drag'n'Boom [Free] came out of nowhere and pleasantly surprised us with its fast, clever gameplay and fun ideas. Now it's the turn of Android players to burn medieval villages to the ground and kill unsuspecting soldiers who have really done nothing wrong and are just there serving their duty and country. I mean really, you should feel bad for raining fire from the skies. I did, briefly. As we talked about in our review of the game on iOS, Drag'n'Boom is a platformer that throws in some Matrix-like slow-mo moves that cleverly change the game's pace and make it more deliberate than you would think. Specifically, you play as a little dragon, flying over the medieval countryside and using your various kinds of bullets to take everyone out and reach the end of the level.

Once you change directions, though, the game slows down briefly and lets you shoot and move more accurately, a mechanic that makes the game lots of fun. Add to that 50 levels and an endless-flying mode as well as tons of upgrades and fun visuals, and you've got yourself a winner. The game is free to download with an IAP to remove the adds. Definitely one you shouldn't miss out on, so grab it here.