You get a card game, and you get a card game, and you get a card game! That seems to be the App Store these days, but I can't say that I'm complaining too much because I do like card games, and Smash Up, which releases next week, will probably be another fun one to add to my collection. Smash Up is a shuffle-building card game where you can combine all kinds of crazy decks like Ninjas with Dinosaurs, Zombies and Pirates, Robots with Wizards, and more. So, as you can imagine, beside the strategy behind picking these decks, there's also a fun factor that comes from the theme. Each of the decks have 20 cards, and you get to pick them in a drafting process.

The goal is simple: you need to capture the bases on the boards to earn points, and when you reach 15 points, you are the winner. The game will come with an AI mode as well as pass-and-play and online multiplayer, so plenty of ways to play those silly decks. Nomad Games has done a great job bringing Talisman to iOS, so I hope for an equally strong digital port. Are you glad to be getting another card game on your mobile device, or are you having a card game overload?

  • yachris

    Well, given how different the various recent card games I've gotten are, no, no overload yet -- but I also love card games. This looks pretty good... Dice Tower's review of the physical game is worth watching if you want more info about the game itself.

  • kreylix

    Paul Peterson's game is quite excellent (ha, we own so many expansions), so this is pretty cool to see.