Classic Strategy Roguelike ‘Hoplite’ Saved from the Appocalypse with iOS 11 and 64-Bit Support

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Doug Cowley’s Hoplite ($2.99) appeared like an early Christmas present when it arrived back in December of 2013 and quickly became a favorite of our community and went on to receive critical acclaim from the gaming world at large. It takes place in a hexagonal dungeon and your task is to dive down to the 16th floor and retrieve the Fleece of Yendor. It’s turn-based and there’s a simple set of rules for how you can go about moving and attacking the various enemies in the game. Hoplite is refreshingly simple and clean on the surface, but provides an ample amount of depth and replay value through its brilliant mechanics. We absolutely loved it in our review, and it only got better since then with the addition of new modes and features. Basically, it’s a must have and absolute iOS classic for strategy and dungeon crawling fans.

The problem? Hoplite was last updated in early June of 2015, JUST before the cutoff time for apps needing to be 64-bit. This meant that when the 32-Bit Appocalypse rolled around last month, Hoplite became unplayable on iOS 11 devices. It’s one of the games I’ve been hanging onto and hoping for a compatibility update, and lo and behold today that dream has come true. Hoplite is updated for iOS 11 and 64-bit compliance. One of the great benefits of the Appocalypse is seeing these older games get updated and possibly bringing them in front of an entirely new audience that missed them the first time around. If you’re in that group who hasn’t played Hoplite before, and you enjoy turn-based strategy games and roguelikes, I implore you to give this one a download and check out the lengthy forum thread for tons more impressions and information about the game.

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