Developers are still hard at work updating some of our favorite 32-bit games to 64-bit, and the latest dev to make it across the finish line with loads of legacy updates is Radiangames. As mentioned on their blog, ten games in their catalog of classic iOS games are now 64-bit.

I'm partial to Inferno 2 [$1.99] and Ballistic SE [$0.99], but the whole collection is great. What I like so much about Radiangames is how much all the different games seem to stylistically link together. You can hop into any one of them, and be like, "Oh this is totally a Radiangames" title. Old school TouchArcade readers likely already own all or most of these games, so make sure you grab these updates or re-download these games if you haven't played them in a while.

  • Jazzpha

    I started playing SideSwype again recently for the first time in a while, and was surprised at how fresh it still felt and how much I enjoyed it. Awesome game.

  • Stephanie McKeon

    Nothing but good stuff here. Glad to see a lot of games lately getting revived to work on modern devices.

  • Far_Out

    This is great great news!! Inferno 2 is really great, perfectly balanced, silky smooth controls, a great vibe. Thank you for all these updates. Over the years I have bought all your stuff.

  • lezrock

    Inferno 2 is awesome. Fond memories!

  • DemoEvolved

    Pretty much all of Radiangames titles are great picks, with the cat ball game in last place. Great news the back catalog got updated

  • Billy Ocean