‘Modern Combat Versus’ Hits the App Store a Day Early

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It’s been a long wait for the new Modern Combat game since it was originally announced in October of last year, and after finally getting a confirmed global release date of this Thursday, Modern Combat Versus (Free) has jumped the gun a bit and launched in the App Store a day ahead of schedule. This is the sixth game in the Modern Combat series but unlike previous entries that featured a full single-player story-driven campaign as well as an online multiplayer component, Modern Combat Versus is entirely and online multiplayer game.

Gameloft has stated that the people who played the multiplayer portions of the previous Modern Combat games far outnumbered those who played the single-player story campaign, so they decided to put all of the resources of their Montreal studio into making the best online multiplayer shooter that they could, rather than stretch everyone thin trying to crank out the two different game modes.

As someone who always enjoyed the overly dramatic popcorn summer blockbuster stories of the Modern Combat campaigns, this is a bummer, but I also can’t blame Gameloft as the online multiplayer is always the thing that brings players coming back for years in most first-person shooters anyway. Plus with the previous game Modern Combat 5 growing into a competitive eSport, I’m guessing they’re hoping for something similar with Modern Combat Versus eventually.

Whether you’re a fan of the story campaigns or you prefer the online multiplayer, if you’ve enjoyed previous Modern Combat games you should definitely give the free to play Versus a spin to see how you like it. It’s definitely quite a departure from previous Modern Combat games with its Overwatch-like emphasis on characters and classes, but in my limited time with the soft-launched version I enjoyed it a lot. And I’m much more likely to play now that it’s out globally and I don’t have to fiddle with a VPN. If you end up checking it out and want to share your thoughts or see what others are saying about Modern Combat Versus, check out the thread in our forums.

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