The long-awaited and literally years in the making Episode 3 of The Journey Down [$6.99] is finally available, so you can now finish the story that started many years ago. Episode 3 completes the African art-inspired adventure game that players have been enjoying. It's not often you get to play an adventure game that's clearly influenced by non-Western traditions and lore. In the last episode of the series, you get to explore the jungles and ruins of the Underland and (spoilers) discover the fate of Bwana's lost father, Captain Kaonandodo and, of course, uncover the huge conspiracy surrounding the Armando Power Company.

Bringing the last episode of the game to you was a great challenge for the developers, and one they documented in a mini-documentary. Theirs was apparently a journey across several continents while under a constant threat of bankruptcy, but it has a happy ending after all. You can grab Episode 3 of The Journey Down either on its own or as part of a Bundle. Enjoy.

  • Gurney Halleck

    There are no links to the game on AppStore, or to other episodes of the series nor their TA threads anywhere in this article (is this a problem with the app or were they simply not added?)

    Additional note, when I open the AppStore there does not actually appear to be a bundle option for these games (a shame because after reading your article I felt inspired to go and pick up the remaining two episodes together and was hoping to find a slight discount in completing a bundle, but no such luck. I will buy the second episode and then save some money again for the last one now the series is complete I feel safe to buy the whole thing. I hope that they were able to really complete the story as intended and that their financial struggles did not adversely effect the conclusion of the story! I enjoyed the first episode tremendously and would recommend this series to anyone interested in adventure gaming. That said, they have been just out of my price range as all these other amazing games have been coming out I had forgotten to check out the second episode (due to the long interval in between release of first and second episodes I had other great games I had gotten into and didn't have time to replay the first episode to refresh before playing the new episode. Now that the series is complete, if the additional episodes and concluding storyline are anywhere near as interesting and polished as the first episode then I cannot recommend this highly enough to any who like P&C adventures!

    • leokon96

      I just searched for the others and found it under the developer's name

    • Jared Nelson

      Links are fixed now, sorry about that!

      • Gurney Halleck

        Sweet as! No worries, just wanted to inform! I love these games and just want their story to get out there! It's got to be hard releasing such a long time waiting conclusion (3 years for the final chapter) on the same day as one of the most impressive game release days on iOS in recent history (i.e. Morphite, The Witness, etc...)

        I truly wish SkyGoblin the very best of luck and that this game gets the recognition it most certainly deserves 🤓

      • Gurney Halleck

        Bought all copies now. Still there is no bundle option, but it is worth it imho.