Yesterday was the day that iOS devices officially welcome ARKit and, hopefully, all the augmented reality wonders that will come with it, and we've been seeing some interesting attempts by developers at making augmented reality actually matter for their games. The just-released ARise [$2.99] (got it?) has you guiding a tiny adventurer across all kinds of platforms as you try and reach the top, retrieve the sacred sword, and awaken the monster. As you can see from the trailer below, the game has you moving your device around to change your perspective and find the right path. And the visuals are pretty nice and bright, which should make the game look good on your kitchen table or living room floor (and I can see kids really enjoying this).

I'm glad we are already starting to see augmented reality games that aren't just normal games on your table but, rather, seem to actually use ARKit's capabilities. The game costs $2.99 and comes with three levels, with additional levels coming free of charge in the coming months. What do you think about AR and games like ARise? Do you think they can become hits?  One issue that I have with ARKit games so far is that they require me to move around my house a bit too much, and I'm not always up for that (my couch is too comfortable). Are you fine with having to move around a room in order to play a game?

  • gquiller

    I so love how we can't use iTunes for apps!!!!!

  • bigrand1

    I dig it! I got the Merge Cube, and for $15 it's a helluva deal! Just starting out like a few weeks ago, but already there's a few apps that show some of the cool things that can be done with it! Works with ANY phone, and doesn't need the Merge headset, though I have that too! Hoping developers begin to use this medium because I gotta say, it's really cool! Can't beat this bang-for-your-buck-wise! 👍 You can score one of these at Walmart!

    • Dailon Huskey

      I would love to see VR and AR have more content
      Glad to see all the AR content today but Apple needs to get with it on VR it’s an area they lack on
      Getting a VR headset after a couple weeks you realize the content is lacking
      Have found some cool stuff like Jurassic Park 3D and Final Fantasy Spirits Within 3D and with a VR set it looks so cool
      Also a handful of decent VR games but android has way more

      • Doby Gillis

        Don't hold your breath about VR. Tim Cook has said he thinks AR is the future, not VR, so all the money will go into AR.

      • boydstr

        The users will decide of AR becomes a success 3D didn’t made it and the way you play a game in VR is totally different than playing a game on the traditional way I have play sessions for some hours but in VR this is a different story I could play for 30/40 minutes but after that I need to take a rest.

      • Doby Gillis

        What succeeds is irrelevant, he was saying Apple needed to catch up with VR, I explained it wasn't very likely given Cook's support of AR.

        I couldn't care less as they're both gimmicks that will fade quicker than a spray on tan in Winter.

      • Stronsay

        Yiu are probably right. I’m thinking AI is the future, something like Microsoft Zo. Could have all sorts of useful applications as well as games.

  • rafael

    I so love how we can't use iTunes for apps!!!!!

  • InTheAir

    Looking at reviews, and does anyone have a definitive ARKit compatible list? Would be disappointed in seeing my iPhone 5S and iPad Air not support it despite having iOS 11 already installed.

    • boydstr

      Marketing.....they want to sell the new models but I don’t know if it will catch on big time because you need to play a game in a different way it feels a little gimmicky too me also not available on my 6+ I rather like too see 3D iPhones.