The Zombie Gunship series is a mobile classic, and today the series is heading into the AR future with Zombie Gunship Revenant [Free], a version of the game developed specifically for ARKit and iOS 11. The game's main concept is similar to previous iteration. You circle the battlefield below in heavily-armed helicopter gunships and use all your firepower to take out those poor zombies below you. Using ARKit, your house becomes the battlefield, and instead of moving the camera around to scout the battlefield, you move your device as if it was the gunship itself. If you have one of the latest iPhones and iPads, you'll enjoy even better visuals since the game uses Apple's Metal 2.

In terms of storyline, Zombie Gunship Revenant takes place during the early hours of the zombie infection of San Francisco, and you'll have to protect various bases and support evacuations of those poor souls running away from the zombie apocalypse. And, as is the case with other games of the series, you'll upgrade your weapons as you go along. I'm glad to see developers beginning to develop games specifically for Apple's ARKit, and I think Zombie Gunship was a perfect series to try that out.

  • HelperMonkey

    Alright. I'm calling this cool.

  • Taeles

    Never actually realized before that this game and its predecessor are not the maker of zombie gunship survival. Always thought they were the same people.

  • Luzsec

    Can i play this game without AR?

  • crazy dad

    Yay. Looks great and no more going in circles.

  • Ivica

    This is the first game that is not compatible with my ipad mini 4 🙁