We're likely only a couple hours away from Apple throwing the switch to release iOS 11 to the world. Once you update, 32-bit apps like the TouchArcade app along with a ton of other games will no longer work on your iOS device. It sucks, but it's a reality we've all been slowly coming to grips with since Apple started warning people with pop-ups any time you launch a 32-bit app. Even though the TouchArcade app has been dying a slow and silent death, we've got some cool plans for the future.

First off, as we've reiterated many times now, simply updating the TouchArcade app isn't that feasible for us. Not long after we released the app, Apple updated their developer guidelines both restricting apps which recommend third party apps and apps that appear to duplicate the functionality and look of the App Store itself. Unfortunately, the TouchArcade app is guilty of both things, and to get an update approved by Apple we'd need to completely rework the look, feel, and user flow of the app as those are pretty major components. Not long after the app was released, Apple started rejecting our updates, so investing any major resources into it has been a lost cause for years now.

Thankfully, the app has continued to work all that time. Aside from having a gnarly looking icon and scaling a little weird on modern screen sizes it's been totally fine prior to the 32-bit cutoff. If you're curious about the saga of the TouchArcade app, I dig into it a bit more in this post and this forum thread. Since continuing iOS app development is a dead-end for us, we've shifted gears to working on greatly enhancing the mobile view of the site. The goal is offering complete feature parity with our iOS app, as well as a great mobile web site that will work on any mobile browser completely independent of whatever weird Apple policy Apple institutes next. Here's what it looks like so far:

The featured story from the TouchArcade app is transforming into a featured stories block which is a rotating carousel that you can swipe through to see the biggest news stories and reviews of the day. (I think the buzzword for this is "trending" stories.) Below that is the hot games and new games list, which you can toggle by hitting either of the buttons and scrolling that list right and left. One thing we really tried to retain with this new mobile view is the same quick glance feature that the app has, where you could load it up and instantly get a real quick look at the biggest recent story and which new games are worth checking out.

Instead of doing multiple pages like we did with the app, the rest of the functionality is accessed by simply scrolling. One flick of your thumb gets you to the most recent headlines (which we might actually compress vertically a little more to make this information a bit more dense). Another couple scrolls gets you farther down showing the latest games we've reviewed as well as recent forum activity:

It's still a work in progress, but I think we're close to getting to a place that feels like it's good enough to completely replace the app. As part of this refresh, we're also moving from our ancient version of Vbulletin to a new community software package called Xenforo. The MacRumors forums switched to this a while ago, and folks have been super happy with it as it's just forum-y enough for people to still feel like they're on a forum while having loads of modern conveniences that simply weren't possible with Vbulletin.

The other benefit walking away from the iOS app is providing us is we're no longer constrained to doing things that will fit inside of the app itself. The original plan with the launch of the app involved building out the barebones framework of how the app talked to the rest of TouchArcade (and parts of AppShopper). Originally, we were going to continue to enhance this with updates but as those updates got rejected, we were stuck with a very 1.0 version of the API used for the app and web site(s) to communicate. This meant we were super limited with the story types we could publish, and the ways we could format content on the site- Which is why things like the way we embed the Twitch player is so silly. (You may have noticed how practically everything is shoehorned into the "News" heading around here, this is why.)

Don't get me wrong, it sucks that the app is dying, and I'd love to be in some kind of alternate universe where Apple welcomed and embraced things like the TouchArcade app... As all we've ever done is worked tirelessly to support iOS as a gaming platform... But, well, that's not how things played out. I think the path of a way better mobile site makes far more sense for us in the long run. A future TouchArcade app isn't entirely out of the question either, but if one ever is released, it'll likely be a simple web view of the site that can serve as an endpoint for our push notification system.

Along with the new mobile site, we're also updating the desktop (and iPad) version to match. We're not quite ready to show those off, but everything is in progress. Currently our developers are working on coding the front end of the site, which should take another couple weeks, then it'll be handed off to us to integrate with our back-end to make it all work. If I've learned anything over the years, it's to never give solid dates for projects that are in progress, but I'm really hopeful that all of this will launch before the end of the year. Originally we wanted the new site to be up before the app died with iOS 11, but I think some of the additions/changes we made to make it even better will make the wait worthwhile.

And finally, none of this would be possible without support from our community on Patreon. It means a lot to us to have been supported by current and previous backers so we can complete projects like this. Independent, third party editorial is super important for the health of any ecosystem, and it's awesome to have readers that appreciate that even if Apple doesn't seem to at times. If you're curious enough about what the desktop and iPad versions of the site look like, back us on Patreon where we often offer sneak peeks before the video podcast each week.

  • Toasty_Cat

    I've seen some beautiful websites that are better on mobile than desktop, so I've no doubt in time TA will be looking wicked 👌
    Such a shame the app has to die, it's been one of my most used apps for years! 😭

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      That's kind of what we're going for, as over the years our traffic has skewed more and more towards mobile and away from desktop.

      • Toasty_Cat

        I can understand that completely as somebody who hasn't had a desktop device for years too! Obviously it's super convenient too to be able to follow a link from a review straight to the App Store to download a game too 👌

      • imuddy

        I didn't even know TA had a desktop site.

      • SwordBytes

        Neither did I.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Is this really your first article to break this news? I don't recall any other notifications prior to today. That's cool tho

    • Tychaeus

      Hah, TA has been talking about this sad and inevitable change FOREVER.

  • dancingcrane

    With you all the way. My husband is an Apple consultant and someone the Genius Bar goes to when they need help, and even he thinks rejecting third party feedback into the ecosystem is a bonehead move.

  • postmodernpilot

    Can't wait to try it out! Check this site daily!

  • Chris Comeau

    It's a shame, i use the app every day. This (and other 32-bit games dying) is making not want to update to iOS11 right away...
    Thanks for the update, looks good!

  • NaughtHere

    Serious question: Why wasn't this solution in place way before now? When will it be ready? Your website is currently a pain to navigate on mobile.

    • NaughtHere

      I just noticed you say you "hope" the redesign will be done before next year. You are going to hemorrhage readers. I hope you survive in the meantime.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        There are very, very few people left using the app anymore- Particularly as Apple started popping up notifications most didn't understand. Mobile browser traffic has been pretty constant, not much reason to think it'd fall off in the meantime?

      • NaughtHere

        Oh, I would've expected more people to be using the app. That's good to know. I may sound like a dick, but I'm just being frank. I want this site to do well.

      • Daniel Schroeder

        A dick and a frank have the same general appearance, so it's understandable.

      • Tychaeus

        Ahahaha! Any time someone has a disclaimer about being a dick I swear I think a similar thought to myself!

      • http://www.centercode.com Luke Freiler

        This blows my mind - I virtually only use the app. I only went to the site today in hopes that you guys found a magical way to keep it. Ugh.

      • Gegoben

        Yeah I have been an app user as well. Upgrading now, so this will be my last post using the most used app on my iPhone.

      • RJTwo

        Actually, he said "...will launch before the end of the year."

    • gquiller

      Seriously? They're doing the best they can on a shoe string budget...

      Unless, you're willing to cough up the development time & resources i.e. money...!

      • NaughtHere

        I can't ask questions or care about TA without donating?

      • gquiller

        You can ask away, but there is a way to do so without 'frankly' being a 'dick'

      • NaughtHere

        I bet there is!

      • Tychaeus

        Exactly, I wonder if they even donate? Probably not.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      We're working with super limited resources. We'll hopefully have this all ready to go in the next couple months. If you want to see it happen sooner, the best way to do that is supporting us on Patreon as that's where most of that money goes these days.

      • IanMJ

        Wasn't there an offer a while back from a bunch of TA fans to help out and work on this for free?

        I don't recall ever seeing a response to that.

  • Rattyfus

    So sad to see the App go. I've used it pretty much every day since I got my first iOS device eight years ago. Looking forward to the new mobile site.

    BTW, what's happening to AppShopper?

  • Setlist

    For die-hard app users (like me), that will now have a icon spot open up on their coveted home screens, I recommend a quick article on how to do a Safari > Shortcuts > Add to Home Screen - so we can replicate instant access to the site and avoid the "out of sight, out of mind" problem!

    Looking forward to the site improvements.

    • gingler

      Thank you so much i had no idea i could do thhat haha

  • gleeclub

    been here with you every day for six years, guess this is goodbye, really gonna miss TA

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Thanks for reading!

    • lezrock

      ??? WTF

    • gquiller

      Another troll...

  • sinanayurt

    Great works guys. TA app possibly one of my most used apps. I will contuniue using that new site. TA is best platform for mobile gaming.

  • Rip73

    That’s look like a great redesign.
    I’m all for this method actually because I always preferred using the website as opposed to the app anyway.
    Anyway, nothing is gonna change between now and then for me anyway, I’ll still be coming back everyday.
    But it certainly looks like I’ll enjoy the interface a lot more when the upgrades come on online.
    Best of luck with it. Very much looking forward to it.

  • http://instagram.com/freezelighter Orest

    Its your ****in own fault.
    You talk like you only know about that since few weeks.
    What have you been doing since 2013?

    Since years you are only whining and blaming apple for all the rules and politics. Just remove some stuff from the app and make it exist in the future. Or you prefer to be dead?

    This is crazy.
    The biggest and most famous iOS gaming website lets the app die.
    Wow. Just ****in wow.

    • Toasty_Cat

      Did you read the article, like at all? Apple doesn't want apps like this, so no updates go through, and it's not cheap to completely overhaul a website when (I assume) a lot of your income is generated through ad revenue from the app which isn't working or the site people don't use.

  • lukeee_g

    my only concern is the notification system. I don't have the habit of opening the web site, so the idea of having an app that opens a view of the web site and allows push notifications is great for me.

  • barefootdragon

    I will miss my daily ritual. Great app.

  • crapple2011

    Please do not forget about the watch list feature, this is actually the one I am using the most.

    • houseofg


  • AppStore Cowboy

    That mobile site is excellent! I'm so excited to use that. I'm surprised Apple hasn't been more supportive of TA, you guys literally funnel a truckload of app sales to them everyday and are tireless platform champions. I would figure you would have Apple folks lining up to appear on the podcast and invites to keynotes, like they do with Daring Fireball. Regardless, I'm really impressed with the direction of the mobile site.

  • chief78

    This is, by a country mile, the most used app on my phone. I will miss the app but am looking forward to what the mobile version of the site will look like. Maybe one of these decades, Apple will get their heads out their @$$es

  • TheOmen2

    I have been using the TouchArcade app for many years and this is the first i've heard about how apples policy stopped development of the app. You have my sympathies. This is a great app that delivers a lot of useful functionality to the users. I'm glad that you have been able to find a workaround but I'm sorry that you had to. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Qvothe1331

    This is fucked. The TA app is on my bottom most used bar. Getting updates of sales on my watchlist and updates in general on my lock screen was great. I looked forward to them. Seriously screw apple for killing a good thing.
    Apple: support net neutrality! But neutrality aside, we don't want you seeing or using these apps.

  • Evolution888

    Commenting on this post using the app just hits the feels .. i remember i started using the app on my first itouch (2nd gen?) ... definitely making a web shortcut tho once the changes roll in

  • mj132

    I use the app everyday and price drops on my watch list help me budget what I spend as money is always tight. I have one iOS device on iOS 11 and although the app won't open notifications are still working.

  • jamiejap

    i used the app with my my iphone3, and i use it nearly every day since then. it's a pitty, i will miss the look of the app. it still remind me of the good old iPhone days.

  • samvarma

    Glad to hear that the mobile site will be solid! Backing my Chi town brethren on Patreon was a no brainer—I'm on the app every day as part of my news routine. Would love to know how you'll be handling Watchlist notifications, or if that feature will survive... In the meantime, Godspeed—see you all on the web!

  • Alexandru Loghin

    Hello, Eli.

    I'm really curious as a UX/UI Designer, who is making your design for this website?

  • Touchmint

    Hope all goes well for you guys a shame they won't let you update :/. Prob wouldn't hurt to try to sneak one past them even if it means just changing the settings on the app to run under 64bit and submitting haha. I know I've snuck a few past them but I'm guessing they got you guys tagged or something for reviewers.

  • shaymon

    I will miss the app as it has so much info on one screen. However I just tried the mobile version and will say, it looks fantastic on my iphone 7. Very clean. It will definitely do for my needs. Thank you for all you guys do.

  • Nathan Reinauer

    Looks great guys! Can't wait to use it.

  • NickyNichols

    I’ve been on the 11 beta since the beginning and although I miss the layout of the app adding a bookmark to my home screen to the website was one of my priorities.

  • Samurix16

    Glad to hear you guys got things figured out, I agree it sucks the app will be closing but I have one question will we be getting something similar to notifications? With the app we got notified when a game dropped in price or got updated. Could we have something similar implemented into the website like we get an email or something of that sort?

  • Casual_Kenny_Reigns

    Wow. I'm really going to miss the app. Oh well. I'll still be here everyday!

  • wingzero0

    Just make sure you all update the icon for the mobile site. That way it will look good if we save the website as an app icon on our devices.

  • steve22691

    I rely on u guys for any and all updates and releases for all the games I the App Store. Make a new app!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scott997

    So the app won't work on iOS 11. How long will it continue to work on iOS 10?

  • Daniel Schroeder

    With the forums switching, and other backend stuff being reworked, does that mean the app will also stop functioning in general for those who don't update to iOS 11? It could be just my phone, but I noticed the AppShopper app doesn't load screenshots anymore either.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Probably, we haven't really gotten to that point yet but there isn't much purpose in going out of our way to work in all sorts of legacy support.

      • Daniel Schroeder

        Oh for sure, I wouldn't expect that. It'll be sad to see both apps deteriorate in functionality as time goes on.

  • disc0

    Keep up the good work gals and guys!

  • aconfusedkender

    Like GleeClub up there said. I've been here for 7 years now I think and TA is the only app I've had on my phone through all of my iPhone versions. I will gladly switch over to the mobile site but I'll say it's going to be tough to see my TA app go away. I'm not going to update to 11 anytime soon anyways. Thank you for all you do Eli and Jared and co!!!

  • Qvothe1331

    And thank you to the TA app, and that means to everyone involved in its creation and maintenance, for such a great experience. It's a shame to see it go, and there's really nothing good coming from Apple's decisions to pull support right out from under y'all. We appreciate you guys and your hard work. I'm glad to have experienced the app. Thank you much!

  • maxbrickem

    NOooooooo! Sigh...Apple. Well i'll be on the website daily. You guys were incredible in keeping the app afloat. I'm feeling kind of sad

  • wineisallforme

    Guys this is really sad news. I've spent every day on this app. love the in depth articles, the discussion on history of mobile gaming, the updates on when games I'm keeping track of go on sale. It's all there for me under one roof

    I've never really been involved in community comment threads, and I regret that now. Always enjoyed reading them but never got involved. What an absolute waste!

    Thank you for all your hard work and keeping the app going for as long as you have. I'll be sure to switch over to the website and keep on reading everything you have to offer. Really cannot stress how much I appreciate everything you've done for us all here.

    Much love

  • speedyph


  • dasker4444

    Good bye 😐😡

    • gquiller

      See ya!!!!

  • Stan de Boer

    That mobile site is excellent! I'm so excited to use that. I'm surprised Apple hasn't been more supportive of TA, you guys literally funnel a truckload of app sales to them everyday and are tireless platform champions. I would figure you would have Apple folks lining up to appear on the podcast and invites to keynotes, like they do with Daring Fireball. Regardless, I'm really impressed with the direction of the mobile site.

  • cy@n

    No iOS 11 for me then 🙂

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    I'll also be sorry to see sister app AppShopper go--but I've largely already switched back to the AppShopper site, so that's sufficient.

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      same, one thing bothers me that every time I open the screen the wifi switch on. I have updated the software on my iPad Mini 2 and I might avoid updating the software on my other iDevices

  • Tychaeus

    Yep, really sad, and very short sighted and probably greed-motivated move by apple. Love their products, can't stand their attitude. Anyway, I have been visiting TA for a loooong while as well, first starting just googling trying to look for a reliable source for mobile gaming info and upcoming mobile game info all the way through to the end of the phone app. Like many others have stated, this is without a doubt THE most used app on my phone, and I'm going down fighting to the bitter end. I am not updating to ios 11 until I am absolutely forced to, and not deleting TA app until it just flat out does not work or I can't access reviews lol. Fight the machine!

  • GiHubb

    I enjoy using the app on a daily basis, your articles and great plus the hot new games section is a must for keeping track of the..umm.. hot new games. That along with the original AppShopper - what's going to happen there after it dies too?

  • unbrokenchain33

    Whoa. This kills me. I use the app daily. Can't remember the last time I used the website. This will cut down my TA time significantly. Very sad about it.. at least my wallet will be happy.

  • KillerSpecialK

    Ugh, this sucks. Been using this app since my first iOS device, my 4S. Welp, all good things must come to an end, cause I'm thinking I need iOS11 in my life. See everyone on the mobile site, I guess.

    Easy come, easy go. Cheers.

  • darkzhul

    Love you guys, hopefully you can find a solution in the future.

    The best feature of your app is the watch list feature to check for updates, sales, etc on the games, its just perfect.

  • Drummerboycroy

    Boy, Apple has really made it tough to keep supporting the iOS market. The massive proliferation of FTP games essentially ended my interest in mobile games (leading to my first new console purchase, the PS4, since my purchase of a PS2 WAAAAY back when), and what little I hung on to was provided by checking in with TA periodically via the app that stubbornly remained on my iPhone in the hope that the IAP tide might turn. With the death of the TA app, so too the final death of my relationship with mobile gaming. Cheers to all, it was a good run!

  • HelperMonkey

    I felt like adding to the eulogizing...
    But instead I'm just picturing Martin Sheen melodramatically losing his mind at the beginning of Apocalypse Now, with Jim Morrison singing "This Is The End..."
    And that's frankly just cracking me up.
    A sad time, but c'est la vie. Can't get too mawkish about it.

  • triptych

    I hope you consider making the web site a pwa so it can take advantage of app like features that hopefully will land in safari as they are on chrome

  • brianj22

    Very cool, I like this. Too bad Apple wants so much to monopolize that they will shoo away apps like TA that are literally selling app store products and making them money.
    I always kinda felt like TA was giving off a too bad so sad vibe about the subject, and I saw some borderline combativeness when the issue was raised but, happy to see you've worked towards a reasonable solution.
    I was also kind of under the impression that TA was a frontrunner in app store news so they would have negotiating leverage with Apple but, I need to adjust my expectations.
    Happy to see TA has worked towards a solution but certainly hope they continue to work on revamping the look and feel to be compatible with the new iOS. Because as much as Apple stinks for doing this, this goes both ways, so TA needs to work to be more compatible with Apple as well instead of just point the finger at Apple.

  • Spuzzy

    TouchArcade has been a staple on my iPhone since day 1. It has a permanent slot on the front page of my iPhone, I wish you guys all the best.

  • GalDrogo

    Not updating to ios11 right off the bat. For many reasons. I will see what others have to say about the new ios. Not an issue right? If Im still on 10?

  • Pfloydrokr21

    RIP TA app. Back to checking the website daily. I've been reliving 2009 so hard this year.

  • hawkeyesforever

    The mobile site looks excellent. Also remember, you can go to safari and go to the website, and then click the option in safari which says "add to home screen", and it'll put TouchArcade on your homescreen with an icon and all just like the app did.

    • clownaveli

      Thanks for that

  • Manuel Altermatt

    Now that the app isnt working any more, is there any way to extract the games I had in my watchlist? I cant remember them, and they are my well kept shopping list. How can I access the watchlist of my app if I cant launch the app? Thanks

  • clownaveli

    used this at since my iPhone 4, I have to switch to iOS 11, going to miss this app, thank you for your hard work, good luck in the future , Can't wait to see what's next 😎😃🤡🤡

  • James Macfarlan

    HI, how is the new website going? I managed to get most of the watch list and top review functionality from the app inm the website. one thing i miss from the app is the search results. it was really nic just typing and having a short list of results show up (particularly a list of games not news). will this be in the new website?