We got some huge news for Switch players straight out of Nintendo Direct today; Arena of Valor, the super popular MOBA that is slowly making its way to mobile, is coming to Switch in all its (free-to-play) glory. Arena of Valor (called Honor of Kings in Asia) has been dominating the charts in China to the point where it sparked debates over mobile game addition and was even penalized by the Chinese government. It was actually called a "poison" that's ruining young people and was forced to put limits on daily playing times in an effort to help players under the age of 18 from becoming addicted. Soon afterwards, Honor of Kings launched in Europe under the name Arena of Valor, and we are patiently waiting for it to come to the US.

Throughout this whole thing, there was no word that Arena of Valor, a free-to-play MOBA, would come to Switch, but I'm certain Switch players are delighted to get such a fully-featured MOBA on their devices. According to the announcement today, the game will include all the modes (5v5, 3v3, 1v1) and heroes of the mobile game. The Arena of Valor beta will start this Winter, and it will be free to join. I'm glad to see Switch getting its first MOBA, and it's a good sign of things to come. It will be interesting to see how the Switch's battery handles Arena of Valor and how easy it will be to join this fully-multiplayer game. Go to minute 46:30 of the video above to hear more about the game.

  • postmodernpilot


  • Deewin

    You guys show really consider making a sister site like switcharcade or something lol. I barely buy apps anymore because it's too hard to keep up with so many coming out all the time and i prefer my switch for portable gaming now.

    • spizak

      Same here. Would be awesome.

      Biggest news was Doom and Wolf coning to switch.

      • Gurney Halleck

        And right as they are both departing the AppStore :'(

    • crazychimp

      Yep iOS used to be my goto mobile gaming platform. Unfortunately I've got fed up with the constant stream of f2p games which all seem based on the latest money maker. The Switch gives me full high quality games I can play on the go and in front of the TV.

      • James P.

        P.S. this article is about a f2p game on the switch 😉

  • korossyl

    I'm still so confused by "MOBAs." Those, along with "Twin-Stick Shooters," are the two genres that simply didn't exist when I was a kid. I've read their Wikipedia articles, but never havin played one, they're still just so mysterious.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      If you have a PC you should download League of Legends or DOTA 2. Both are free, and are the two biggest one right now.

      • DemoEvolved

        Video link says video is private

      • handhoney

        There is also Smite which now has a great in game tutorial and glossary for lots of the terminology as you get in there and learn the ins and outs.

      • korossyl

        Unfortunately, no gaming-capable PC for me. I'm gonna look at some gameplay videos, though, just so I don't feel SO out of the loop. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Henry Law

      you should google heroes of the storm, the best MOBA ever featuring all of Blizzard's characters

    • James P.

      You owe it to yourself to try Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Best twin-stick shooter ever made, I don't think anyone would even argue.

      • korossyl

        Unfortunately, my PC is not up to any real gaming, and it looks like this one's not available for iOS. Is Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved comparable?

      • James P.

        I haven’t played 3, but I heard good things. I personally didn’t like 2 as much as the original. It’s not probably not hard to run on PC though, and it’s on sale for $2 on steam.

  • Joshua Woodward

    Blizzard Entertainment better be watching this carefully, it could've been them in the space... Late bloomers!

    • elthesensai

      Blizzard is always late to console of at all. I've been losing respect for that company for a while.

      • Joshua Woodward

        I actually regret my purchase of the Frozen Throne content for Hearthstone... I lose more than win which is fine, but I'm making solid tier decks, watch videos, and learn how they work. If you don't get the right combinations, you get pummeled... I've purchased add on stuff in the past. But unless Overwatch changes their mind on Nintendo Switch, which they won't, I think I'm done giving them my money!

  • Ethan Einhorn

    So, far, Nintendo has been the best about giving us games that are spend-capped, without pay-per-pull gacha or virtual currency. Provided this game is clear of those elements, I'm totally on board!

  • Luzsec

    No one give an offline mode so far, i just want moba like dota 2 on PC. Offline and Online.