Batman - The Telltale Series [Free] just got updated and there's quite a bit of stuff to take in with the update. For something that ended a while ago, Telltale Games has gone and improved the performance with better support for devices across the board. The update also has made the first episode go free permanently. It is interesting seeing Telltale Games finally get around to doing these things because Batman - The Telltale Series was the final straw for many online when it came to the engine Telltale Games uses in their releases with respect to performance across the board.

The update notes also mention improved animations, bug fixes, and more. One interesting thing of note is that you will need to redownload the remaining 4 episodes (Episode 2 to 5) again after the update. Something similar happened on Steam when users had reported having to nearly redownload the fully installed set of episodes multiple times. You can read our reviews of the full season here. Batman - The Telltale Series also has a forum thread that you can check out here. Download the first episode for free today on iOS devices.

  • LCDDreams

    I'm a HUGE Batman fan (even have a self designed Batman tattoo), but this 'game' is really disappointing. Really long load times (to the point that I thought the game had crashed on the first one), uninspiring dialog and action that has lots of holes in it (for example, in the first scene, we see heavily armed thieves breaking into a building, and then after Batman deals with most but not all of them, suddenly Catwoman appears, and the thieves are completely forgotten as he chases her down), and control choices that don't even seen to matter - I missed/skipped a number of the targets, but it seemed like Batman still carried out the moves anyway. Deleted the game after that first scene. 😛

    • Onikage725

      My thought on the thugs was that the cops rounded them up, as they did show up. And Batman knocked them all out, tying a few up to boot.

      On performance, are you talking in general or new update? I had to uninstall it and buy it on console because it barely ran. Curious if this update improves playability.