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‘Warhammer Quest 2,’ Sequel to the Popular turn-based RPG, is Launching October 19

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Warhammer Quest ($2.99) is one of the best tactical RPGs on the App Store period, end of sentence, play it if you haven’t, it’s that good. You level up and equip a stable of heroes, based on traditional fantasy race/class mixes, and take them on dungeon delves as you work your way through the world. The game was brought to us by the fine folks at Rodeo Games, who also made the excellent Wahammer 40K game Deathwatch Tyranid Invasion ($1.99). Many of the minds responsible for Warhammer Quest are now at Perchang games and announced some time ago that a sequel was in the works. TouchArcade forum user RodeoBenjarmin has been super active in our forums providing updates and answering questions about the upcoming game. This morning he dropped the news fans of the original game have been waiting for: Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times will launch on October 19.

The beta is also coming towards the end of next week and Perchang will be letting folks know how to sign up via their newsletter. We will, of course, provide the information as well as soon as we can. In the meantime definitely grab the original Warhammer Quest if you like turn-based, heavily tactical RPGs. You can also check out our 4.5-star review for more on that game, and of course, the Warhammer Quest 2 forum page for loads of good info on the upcoming sequel.

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