We've spent quite literally years now wondering why Apple doesn't provide some kind of MFi controller bundle that'd actually make people interested in buying one, or some kind of "system seller" title to give people a real reason to grab an MFi controller. Well, it'd seem through the magic of Minecraft, Apple has finally done just that. Right now you can get the SteelSeries Nimbus MFi Controller and Minecraft: Apple TV Edition for $40 directly from Apple.

It's a great bundle, as the Nimbus is the best MFi controller, and Minecraft is probably the best game for the Apple TV. (Or, at least, inevitably the most popular.) We've reviewed the Nimbus, but basically it's just a nice feeling controller that works with iOS devices and charges over Lightning. What's not to like about that?

Amazon is selling the Nimbus for $44, and Minecraft: Apple TV Edition will normally run you $20, so this bundle is an oddly good deal coming from Apple.

  • Sobriquet

    Thanks for the heads up, Eli. Just purchased. What a bargain.

    • JASØN

      Wanted to say thanks as well. Also just purchased.

  • Cryptidcolloquium

    Thanks, Eli—just ordered one for the Minecraft fan in the family. I wonder if this means that Apple's about to start bundling a controller with a new rev. of Apple TV?

  • Gurney Halleck

    Tempting and I still have the older generation Apple TV 😬

    • Gurney Halleck

      Think I'll make the plunge for the cheaper controller price alone 🙂

  • baconcow

    Great deal. I picked this promotion up when it started nearly a month ago. $55 in Canada (retail for the controller alone is $65) makes it a great deal, whether you want the game or not.

  • crazy dad

    About time. Now they need to be able to link up two controllers for split screen multiplayer.

  • kjpmacdonald

    I'd say Oceanhorn is the best game on AppleTV, for my money.

  • phandaal

    This is US only it seems

  • Duane Locsin

    "the Nimbus is the best MFi controller"
    Sorry, going to have to challenge Touch Arcade on that one.

    I have Steel Series Nimbus and I agree it is great and reliable, BUT I also have a Gamevice controller 12.9 and it is just as great and turns the iPad into a giant handheld.

    One is for clamping on the to the iPad via lightening, the other for wireless play.

    They are the best in their respective categories....imo.

  • Milotorou

    Oh well.... just bought a used Nimbus (Like new condition on Amazon) for 40USD yesterday....

    Too late 😂 I wouldve taken that deal !

    • http://farblaze.blogspot.com Blaze

      Can’t you just return it?

      • Milotorou

        I have no apple tv so it ends up being the same price, i cant use the minecraft tv edition anyway, from my experience "like new" on amazon is literaly brand new without the wrapping, if it isnt that way this time ill definitely return it

      • http://farblaze.blogspot.com Blaze

        True. the "Like new" item on Amazon are just returned items, so mostly unused anyways.

  • Tom Bortels

    Fair warning - I went ahead and bought this. The Minecraft "Apple TV Edition" does *not* seem to be compatible with games being played on ipad/iphone. I was hoping to join my children when they play on their ipads (I am old, wanted the big screen and joystick interface), and - doesn't work. You can see the game but get disconnected immediately.

    But - I can apparently pay $8 a month (!) to play with them on realms? Pass. Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me. Sad part is, I kinda expect it of Microsoft (owners now of Minecraft) - but it disappoints me that Apple is party to it.

    Maybe this will all be corrected someday by a software update - but I'm not holding my breath.

    Trying to decide if this is bad enough to try to return, or if I can make reasonable use of the controller for other stuff. (The Nimbus controller *does* look like a nice solid bit of hardware)

    • star-affinity

      To my knowledge you should be able to play for free on a LAN together with iOS devices, but it seems a Microsoft account is still required. We added the IP address of the Apple TV hosting in Minecraft for the iPhone, and the game came up but was asking for credentials for a Microsoft account upon attempting to join. It was at a friend's house and he didn't remember his password so he gave up there at that time. Not sure if they managed to play together eventually.