Alto's Odyssey, the much awaited sequel to the lovely Alto's Adventure [$4.99], was supposed to release this summer, but alas, that's not going to happen. The developer posted an update today that is pretty much all about the idea of how building things right takes longer. While there aren't any specific details as to why the game won't be releasing as planned, it's clear from the blog post that the developers want to make sure the game is as polished as it can be because it's important for a small studio like this one to produce games that shine. Personally, I'm glad to see the developers not rushing to put the game out there and, instead, ensuring it looks and plays great.

If you haven't been following our stories on Alto's Odyssey, this sequel switches from snowy peaks to an endless desert and adds new mechanics like wall riding, wind swirl riding, and balloon bouncing. I know the only complaint some players had with Alto's Adventure was about the relatively limited things you could do, so I'm glad to see Alto's Odyssey bringing more ideas to the table. We don't have a new release window, but we'll let you know when we do. In the meantime, check out our forum thread.

  • Jamesrooney27


  • Jason

    Never understood the love for this game. It's fun for an hour or so, until you get all the upgrades...then...nothing really.

  • Biggavelli


  • paulkane

    AA always reminds me of winter. ❄️

  • Daniel Schroeder

    Summer/fall is a more appropriate season for Skate City anyway! *dumps roll of quarters down wishing well*

  • Cameron Mulder

    I ended up putting way more hours into Alto's Adventure than I would ever want to admit. Can't wait for Odyssey but I am fine with them getting it right as I will be buying it on day one.

  • ian vanhorne

    Me to 🙂

  • Rustrobot

    "A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever."

    • philadendron

      Not necessarily. One word: Daikatana