It looks like Bandai Namco is giving Tekken on mobile another shot with a brand new game that has just soft launched. Tekken Mobile [Free] is a brand new Tekken game built from the ground up for iOS and Android. It has been developed by Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver. There's a is free to play and uses a Waza Card system and tapping for combos and special attacks. Each character has special moves that are unlockable and of course there's a story mode. Tekken is known for having a good story mode in addition to being a competent fighter. As expected, there are multiple in game currencies like Gems which are used to unlock fighter packs. The packs are like loot boxes here. Watch the trailer for it below:

There's also an online versus mode and live events with new challenges each day, month, and week. They are also planning on doing special timed events with exclusive rewards. Tekken Mobile has currently soft launched in Canada. You can pre-register for the global launch on the official website with rewards unlocking when more people sign up.

  • wichrun

    Looks like PSP version

  • And_75

    Why soft lunch?

    • Wizard of Odyssey

      Because it's going to be a big slam to their servers?

      I hoped they'd do a mobile Tekken. I don't really know what Waza Card System means, perhaps Mikhail could explain.

      While Namco is in there, maybe they can update Soul Calibur to 64-bit so it doesn't disappear. I keep thinking it should be part of Sega Forever since it was such a boss Dreamcast game, but it's on Namco to do the right thing!!

      • JosephWelke

        And while they do that, could they give it Mfi controller support?

  • Stetch

    So you press cards to attack? No thanks. Enough cards.

    • crazychimp

      Developers need to realise iOS devices are capable of more than card based games.

      • Stetch

        Yes! But they don’t care! All is about money! Well they can make very sure I won’t buy the console counterpart if they spit on our choice of gaming platform.

      • boydstr

        I agree but it seems that a lot of games uses this card "gameplay mechanics" because it's way easier to program than for this example a fighting engine.

      • Stetch

        There is loads of indie developers that nailed touch controls. And Soul Calibur was awesome. So why not Tekken?

    • boydstr

      The Tekken franchise is my favorite fighting game genre so I hope that it doesn't becomes a "press card to attack" that should be awful but they have the right talent to make this a killer fighting mobile Tekken game

      • Stetch

        I love Tekken. But what I could see it’s totally based on card and gesture attacks. And it’s a shame.

      • boydstr

        I looked at some Tekken vids on YouTube and what I could see was a big letdown no Street Fighter controls with an virtual stick and buttons but some stupid gesture attacks and some card system that from what I could see give the player some extra powers,again we see a great IP completely f**k**d because apparently the developers want to make a game that every moron without any fighting game experience can play mabey they want attract new gamers but I think that a large group of console gamers will never touch it.

  • Luzsec

    SF much better for me, no iAP no cards blaa.. bla..
    Pay > Download > Enjoy..

    • Stetch

      Yeah but the game runs around 15 FPS. It’s a joke.

      • Pyroknight

        Your phone may be outdated

      • Stetch

        7+. Naah.

      • Michael Mangao

        character animations are 15 fps but gameplay is fluid.

  • dasker4444

    I Like it

  • JanEbied

    Hey Guys,

    i've download it and I play it right now.
    The Graphics are incredible, forget Street Fighter IV CE...this time it looks so so good 😱

    Anyway, its a mix between "swiping" and "press a card" to activate special moves.
    I hate those "card" Games, but this time it seems to be ok, the handling is very good.
    I like it so far! You'll get the original Tekken atmosphere on your iPhone 🙂

    • boydstr

      Mabey it looks great but the gameplay has the highest priority for me and for what I could see was very disappointing everything that makes a fighting game great to play isn't implemented.

      • Weisse

        You're spot on.

        Out of curiosity I downloaded and played it for some time and as the original poster said it looks good, but that's it though.

        The fighting mechanics is not intuitive and quite boring compared that how Tekken should play. The moves are recognisable. Basic moves are done but the usual swipe or hold touch mechanics for touch devices. But specials and combos are done by a card system which the trailers fails to show and is a massive let down.

        The health system is a complete joke. The health is basically a stamina system. Skullgirls done the health system correctly for a f2p game where it is always in check and fights are via a generous stamina system. With Tekken, if your health is low you have to heal via limited heal packs. Which it limits you to 3 per tier, yes, the health packs are tiered or you could let them health painfully slow by not playing.

        If you play any other events like dojo or special daily events outside the story mode the health is shared, so it your character is low on health or KO'd then you are screwed. Again, Skullgirls got it right.

        Then there is the stupid tiered characters from 1 star and upwards, like the star wars mobile game. Oh, and you earn characters with fragments, with a minimum of 10 needed to unlock a 1 star character. Why not do what FEH does and you earn 1 - 5 stars from random pulls and then you can level them up as you like.

        Lastly, no controller support which would of been a killer feature if they added a controller mode to let you play Tekken in the way it is supposed to.