If you've been following Magic: The Gathering digital offerings, you'll know that Magic Online has had all kinds of issues since forever and that the recent Magic Duels [Free] games were valiant, but ultimately failed, attempts at giving us a robust digital version of Magic that can equal a game like Hearthstone or even all the other recent ones like Eternal and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. More recently, Wizards of the Coast announced that it was reimagining digital versions of Magic, and today we found out that the digital game Wizards was working on is called Magic: The Gathering Arena. That's pretty much all the information we were given, and we will learn more about the game and how to join the closed beta during a Twitch stream on September 7th at 1 PM PT.

As you can imagine, everyone has been speculating about what this game will be; will it be an expanded version of Duels (which, by the way, has been pretty much abandoned and its team focused on the new digital products)? Will it be a digital version of the board game with the same name? Will it be a completely different product that will replace both Duels and Magic Online? I'm not sure at this point, and neither is anyone else. We do know for sure that this is a different game than the MMO that's in development. So, what are you hoping to see?

  • Saveria

    i felt the 2014 planeswalker game (the one featuring garruk?) introduced options that appealed to what I like and wish they had kept. like AI opponents that could play with decks the player designed rather than the randomized encounters of duels which frequently got boring or frustrating and difficult to me.

    the questing for gold was just..dull. Copied hearthstone too closely I felt. And packs with only six cards. Too slow to build collections.

    an interface built for mobile screens. No squinting at p/t numbers.

    Access to past sets would be nice..integrate the collections from mtgo somehow into arena? yea not going to happen but I can dream..

  • hTristan

    Wizards will be true to form, and release something that feels like it should have come out five years ago and for a fraction of the development budget.

  • Zephram

    If you don't like multiplayer, Magic Duels is still your best bet.

  • Steph

    Wotc needs to release a real mobile magic client and stop with these lame offshoots. Look at Elder Scrolls Legends or Eternal (both by Dire wolf), they should take note and make a new magic game like that.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I think that's what this is going to be.

  • Joshua Woodward

    It'll most likely be just like Spellsouls, which is just like the Xbox MTG game!

  • rod-

    Still hoping to see an iOS or macOS or fully web based mtgo. Its been a decade though, so hopes aren't high.

  • Sean Thorpe

    Curious as to why Duels gets so much flak. I've been playing MTG offerings on my iPad for a few years now, which is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than IRL cards.

    There has been steady, incremental feature growth, and I love the way that AI will continue an online match WITH YOUR OPPONENT'S DECK if your opponent drops out for whatever reason.

    At this point, you can make a deck from scratch, from templates, or take a templated deck, and convert it to a "from scratch" deck to make modifications. You're limited to the quantity of a card that WotC decided was enough, but you can use them simultaneously in any deck you make--like the lands we'd make into proxies, back in the day.

    I think the in-game currency is valued too low, and it requires too much grinding to get cards, but that's the only complaint that I have.