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‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ Is Coming, Might Be the Replacement for ‘Duels’

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If you’ve been following Magic: The Gathering digital offerings, you’ll know that Magic Online has had all kinds of issues since forever and that the recent Magic Duels (Free) games were valiant, but ultimately failed, attempts at giving us a robust digital version of Magic that can equal a game like Hearthstone or even all the other recent ones like Eternal and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. More recently, Wizards of the Coast announced that it was reimagining digital versions of Magic, and today we found out that the digital game Wizards was working on is called Magic: The Gathering Arena. That’s pretty much all the information we were given, and we will learn more about the game and how to join the closed beta during a Twitch stream on September 7th at 1 PM PT.

As you can imagine, everyone has been speculating about what this game will be; will it be an expanded version of Duels (which, by the way, has been pretty much abandoned and its team focused on the new digital products)? Will it be a digital version of the board game with the same name? Will it be a completely different product that will replace both Duels and Magic Online? I’m not sure at this point, and neither is anyone else. We do know for sure that this is a different game than the MMO that’s in development. So, what are you hoping to see?

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