I've been eagerly following the development of GRID Autosport over the past few months, and early glimpses of Feral Interactive's mobile port of the beloved Codemasters console racer suggest that it could be the next essential racing simulator on the App Store. Alpha preview footage emerged back in June, and it was pretty stunning to see such a detail-rich game look so refined on a smartphone, even at this incredibly early stage. However, all of the gameplay focused purely on an first-person, outside-the-car perspective, and many racing game enthusiasts on our forum thread and Discord server wondered whether a cockpit view would be in the final game. In response to this feedback, Feral have released a gif on their Twitter account that shows some additional in-game footage, most notably with a new cockpit camera configuration that should appease fans wanting a realistic racing experience on iOS.

Although the gif is only a short glimpse of what's to come this Autumn when GRID Autosport officially launches on the App Store, the developer's determination for groundbreaking graphical fidelity is as evident as ever. A cockpit view is also a nice addition for fans who prefer a more realistic perspective in their driving games, and while cynics may claim that the feature was inevitable in such a major release, it's still nice to see Feral Interactive listen to feedback from the iOS community, and hopefully this sets a precedent for the remaining few months of development. If you have any suggestions of what you'd like to see in this upcoming release, be sure to visit the game's forum thread as well as our Discord server for more discussion and breaking news on GRID Autosport.

  • Barrett Bear Baker

    Im blown away. If this is in fact the gameplay from the ios device and not a pre rendered anything, i will be upsetting my wife possibly and buying this day one! Finally a racing game with pedigree for ios

  • lolheyaj

    It'd be great if this was somehow compatible with the "cardboard style" VR headsets and an iOS MFi controller.

    • Duane Locsin

      It supports MFI controller.
      Can always experiment with google cardboard.

      This game looks fantastic and the production values I can already see are through the roof.

  • lezrock