Telltale Announces Upcoming ‘Batman’, ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Wolf Among Us’ Games at Comic Con

Comic Con is always an odd event for us to cover, particularly as the event has evolved from just focusing on comics to being an event about comics, TV shows, movies, video games, and every other medium that’s even vaguely relevant in modern geek culture. Historically, it can be a bit hit or miss when it comes to mobile games, but Telltale kicked things off with a bang with three new games announced in one teaser video:

First off, Batman is getting a second season titled Batman: The Enemy Within which will be released on August 8th on consoles and PC with mobile coming at some nebulous future date. This time around Batman and Bruce Wayne will face off against The Riddler. The Walking Dead is moving into its third and final (allegedly) season cleverly titled The Walking Dead: The Final Season. It’ll focus on Clementine, and presumably provide some kind of conclusion to her story when it is released last year.

Last, but not least (but most vague) is a second season of The Wolf Among Us, due out next year as well. Where the video lacks in details, it makes up in reading angry tweets.