It's pretty late in the afternoon here, and for a second I was worried a day would go by where I wouldn't get to write about a game with cards in it, but the soft launched Nyjah Huston: #Skatelife came to the rescue. In case you haven't figured it out from the title (or, like me, don't know much about Nyjah Huston), this is a skateboarding game starring Nyjah Huston, a multiple-times Street League Skateboarding champion and one of the highest paid skateboarders in the world. The game has you doing the usual skateboarding tricks and trying to pull all kinds of combos for more points.

What's interesting about this game is you get card packs that you use to upgrade your tricks, which isn't the kind of feature I expect to see in a skateboarding game like this one. It is a great way to increase revenue, though. The game also allows you to explore and discover hidden routes with the hope of being able to find the best route that will get you the most rewards. The game is currently soft launched in Denmark and Canada, and you can skate over to our Upcoming Games forum thread to learn more about the game.

  • TVcasualty

    Not a good game at all, unfortunately. The graphics are pretty poor by today's standards, but what really irks me is the free-to-play trappings. The card system for tricks is horrible. Just another slapdash attempt to make cash from skateboarding, and doesn't contain any of the fun or flair of the actual sport. Too bad.