It's hard to believe that Power Hover [$3.99] came out a year and a half ago, but I guess time flies when you're being constantly blasted by the fire hose of new iOS game releases. If you missed Power Hover the first time around, we've got a review of it. It is/was a simple, but incredibly well executed game of flying a hoverboard around across a variety of different environments. Well, a pseudo-sequel spinoff of sorts was announced on our forums this morning, and it looks even more rad than the original. It's called Power Hover: Cruise!, and, well, get a load of the trailer:

It seems like they've taken the relatively chill levels of Power Hover and just jammed them full of rapidly moving things to avoid and just generally sprinkling a heaping helping of Super Hexagon (and other similar games) all over it. There's three new game modes, which all look pretty rad, and best of all, it's going to be free. For more details, jump into the forum thread, otherwise the game will be available on August 10th.

  • daniel0025

    Power Hover is an excellent game, very well made. Hope this version brings 60 fps support - it's basically the only thing missing here.