For several years now, HTML5 has been heralded as this savior of game development that would allow us to all play amazing games cross platform in our browsers and be able to do away with silly things like consoles and App Stores. And that sort of potential definitely exists, but outside of a few neat proof-of-concept things I've seen I haven't been all that impressed with the world of HTML5 gaming. That is likely to change with the arrival of Korean developer Jandisoft's upcoming MMORPG Mad World. While the premise of "humans and their will to survive in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world ravaged by evil creatures" is a bit cliche, there's no denying how freaking awesome Mad World looks in its latest trailer.

It's really impressive just how many different sprites there can be onscreen at once in Mad World, and how about that massive boss near the end? This is running in a browser! Because it's built in HTML5 it'll be totally cross-platform and in real-time, with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux all confirmed so far. According to Jandisoft they're hoping the release of Mad World will be "the first game to take HTML5 to its full potential and lead it to the main stage of the gaming world" and I totally believe it could do that. Unfortunately it's still a ways off, as it's planned for some point in 2018, but you can find more information about the game on the official Jandisoft website as well as links to all their social media if you want to stay on top of Mad World's development.

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  • darkfyra

    Please don't be pay2win and full on autoplay madness

  • Kainamor

    Love the art. Looks like a cross of Crashlands, Bastion, and Don't Starve.

  • LCDDreams

    Looks very nice! I wonder what tech they're using, especially to get such good performance on mobile. I'm making an HTML5 game as well (Monsters! in the upcoming games section) - it's definitely a viable solution. The main issue is getting the code to run natively on iOS and Android and perform well, and since there's no native html/css layer (and no JavaScript layer in Android), emulation or wrapping is usually involved. It'll be interesting to see...

  • spizak

    Think Bastion was done in a similar way - there's a browser version of Bastion too.

  • rtificial

    I have mad world on the Wii. Fun game 😉

  • Morgan Leecy

    As a coder who understands the power of modern web tech, this still f**king blows me the hell away! WOW!

  • Lickzy

    You know what I want? A subscription based mmorpg. I believe order and chaos was at one time?

    I'd pay $20 a month, very happily I might add, to soak 50 or a 100 hours a month into a game on my iPad.

    Why isn't there more games with that kind of pay structure? Unsustainable? Or just wAaaaaay too much money to be made F2P?

    • Goktug Yilmaz

      Why should companies make $20 per player out of x players, when they could be making $200 per player out of 10x players?

  • Denis Oze

    nice look