Come on, everyone, let me tell you a story from a long, long time ago and how it led to Gettysburg: The Tide Turns releasing this week on PC. Once upon a time (around 2013) there was a fantastic mobile developer called Shenandoah Studios that gave us some fantastic strategy games like Battle of the Bulge, Road to Moscow, and Desert For: El Alamein. At around the same time, Shenandoah Studios kickstarted Gettysburg: The Tide Turns, a game that would be coming to iPad and iPhone. The game was pretty quickly funded, but that's where the pleasant parts of this story end. Shenandoah Studios was sold to Slitherine Studios (the rumors are because of financial issues), and Slitherine proceeded to turn the mobile-only strategy games into cross-platform ones.

The first cross-platform attempt, Battle of the Bulge [$9.99], was a far-cry from the fantastic mobile-only version, and now we got an announcement that after many years, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns is coming, but the announcement only mentions PC, so the fate of the iOS version is uncertain at the moment. A year ago, Slitherine had said it would bring the game to iOS after the PC version, and I've reached out to them but haven't heard back yet. As is to be expected, those who kickstarted the game expecting to get an iOS version of it aren't happy at the moment, but hopefully Slitherine will bring an iOS version to us soon.

  • DotComCTO

    If it uses an engine such as Unity, the game may get to iOS. If it is a custom engine, I highly doubt it. My wild guess is that Slitherine feels that Apple pulled the 32-bit rug from under their feet. So, cross-platform engine usage is fine, but they're not going to roll the dice again with a custom engine.

  • Gerg

    I'm one of the original Kickstarter backers and I got a mail from Slitherine explaining that it is not possible to deliver on the original promises. By way of compensation we will receive the PC versions of both Gettysburg and Battle of the Bulge. No mention of any future IOS version of Gettysburg though.

  • TheVimFuego

    From an instabuy dev to an instaignore in short order. A shame.

    • HelperMonkey

      I feel the same

  • lezrock

    Burnt IP

  • JP Falcon

    As an original backer which has been shafted by Eric Lee Smith concerning his failure to provide the board game, and going "dark", let me come to Slitherine's defense. First off, they are not responsible for any of the problems that befell the KS campaign. They simply came in and bought the rights to a game from a defunct company. If Slitherine did not do this, then we would be left with nothing. Even still, unless someone wants to correct me here, they were under no contractual obligations to honor any of the KS backer rewards, and chose to do this on their own. Again, I might be wrong but I have not read anything where they were obligated to do so. Anyway, the real villain of this piece is Eric Lee Smith, not I will say that I am chaffed that Slitherine will no longer support some of their IOS titles like Battle Academy but that is another topic for another day.

    • Keithustus

      At least the board game is finally coming out soon and they're looking out for KS backers first, but I'm still unhappy it sits in my Steam library--which I don't use pretty much ever since 2010 or so--and not on iOS, which I use daily.