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‘Aero Effect’ is a Stylish Avoidance Game from the Makers of ‘SimpleRockets’, Coming July 27th

Most people are likely familiar with developer Jundroo from their simulation-style games like the viral sensation SimpleRockets ($2.99) and its spinoff SimplePlanes ($4.99), but they’re going for something a bit more arcadey with their newest project called Aero Effect. The game has you controlling a simple arrow as you guide it down through a variety of crazy obstacles and hazards, hopefully avoiding enough of them to end up in the mysterious grid of pixels at the bottom of each level. Aero Effect uses a pretty unique perspective that gives it a real sense of depth, and the stylish visuals and music compliment the experience a lot.

As you can imagine given Jundroo’s previous games Aero Effect is physics-based which you can see as your arrow bumps into stuff or objects slide around the screen. Also, unlike most similar games, Aero Effect isn’t endless and is actually made up of 50 hand-crafted levels spread across 5 different worlds. You’ll also be able to record and share your replays using Everyplay and there’s Game Center integration for things like leaderboards and achievements. I love when games are built around a simple idea but polished to all heck, as Aero Effect appears to be, so look for it when it arrives on July 27th for $1.99.