King holds the keys to one of the most successful and profitable mobile games in history with Candy Crush Saga, and they've also had varying levels of success with spinoffs of that game and several others that follow a similar formula. But, like many companies who have a mega-hit mobile game, they've struggled with branching out into new genres and with introducing brand new IPs. They're taking another stab at it with a new game which was soft-launched over the weekend called Stellar: Galaxy Commander. It utilizes matching gameplay, which is obviously right in King's wheelhouse, but also peppers in elements of strategy and, perhaps most exciting of all, actual real-time player versus player online multiplayer.

Having not tried Stellar: Galaxy Commander myself I can't quite comment on the quality of the game, but I am glad to see King moving away from the sugary sweet visuals and ultra-casual gameplay of its previous titles. It remains to be seen if the more hardcore mobile gamer will be willing to latch onto a game from King but I'm at least happy to see them trying to break into that market some more. If you have an Indonesian or Netherlands iTunes account you can give Stellar: Galaxy Commander a spin for yourself using the link below, and you can add your thoughts about the game to its forum thread. King has a habit of soft-launching and then killing projects like this so it's unclear if this will ever actually see a full release but we'll keep our eye on it nonetheless.


Soft-Launch International iTunes Link: Stellar: Galaxy Commander, Free (Universal)

  • Sloany

    Is it just me or does the gameplay look similar to heroes of might and magic mobile game?if so it's about time that mechanic is used again loved the gameplay.

    • Tychaeus

      Duuuude, I honestly thought I was the only one! I thought the exact same thing looking at the screens here and I was just writing almost verbatim what you stated in another thread some weeks ago. I actually just finished a new play through and clash of heroes last week, and I am now still holding on a while longer playing the async pvp. I have mentioned to those guys multiple times how they are throwing money away not making a sequel or something in the same vein of CoH...part 2 would be awesome and make a killing, but also it would be really neat to see some kinda reskin with like star craft, Warhammer fantasy or 40k....I just baffles the hell outta me why that game play
      Mechanic had not been replicated...hell...or even done into the ground.
      If any game devs see this....^^ this is your cash it..and take my money please.

    • Enker

      The very first thing I thought too!

      My god that game should have a sequel.

  • Mistrija

    My fav genre for the phone since original Puzzle Quest is the Match3 + battle elements. Like #YouMustBuildABoat or Hero Emblems etc, but after way too many freebies disappointments also, always happy to see something promising.

  • Slate

    Which stores is this in?

    • Slate

      Never mind. NL. Any others?

  • brianj22

    It's King so should be full premium no iap.