The original Motorsport Manager [Free] was a lot of fun, and we really liked it in our review. It managed to balance casual with a simulation of one of the most complex sports out there and did so using really lovely visuals. The franchise then made the jump to the PC, where it added plenty of depth and more features. If you're fans of the original, you'll be happy to know that Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is launching July 13rd and will add more depth and longevity to the original recipe. You'll be once again hiring drivers, but those drivers will now age, improve, leave your team for another one, and eventually retire. This dynamic driver market should make each playthrough feel different, something the original game had a bit of a problem with.

The engineering part of the game will also be more complex, with engineers designing parts from scratch and overall demanding more attention. The most important improvement will be on race day. The race simulation now has more detail and more options, including more engine modes, tire compounds, team orders, and so on. The developer promises a much more dramatic experience, and I hope that ends up being true. The game will be a premium title and will cost $3.99. If you're an Android player, expect the game to be available early August.

  • Irenmon

    Didn't expect there will be a sequel,I'm nap excited!

    • Irenmon

      I'm so excited*

  • Bloodangel

    Me too... can't wait! Definite purchase.
    Just wish they had made race day view/graphics the same as pc one

  • fabianb

    Wow. Didn't expect this one at all. Gonna buy this of course. PC version was fun, just as the first mobile game.

  • TheVimFuego

    Totally unexpected but welcome, having enjoyed the original will hit the Buy button on this no problems at all. Watching the replay of the latest GP on TV right now actually ...

  • Jon Kay

    I should go back and finish the first. Looking forward to the improvements.

  • Skylez

    O.M.G. !

  • gquiller

    Instabuy...spent hours & hours on first one!

  • Tom

    Excellent news, loved the original - instabuy for me

  • Wicked8146

    Instabuy. First one was awesome.

  • Tristan

    It looks like a port of the PC version?

    • Bloodangel

      Not quite... more complex, like the pc version... but doesn't have the race engine from pc version ๐Ÿ™

  • Giacomo Lawrance

    This looks awesome! Loved the first one, can't wait to give this one a go!

  • Bloodangel

    Aviticus dragon is the guy who posted the vid on YouTube

  • Forza Vendetta

    Will this game be available for the iPhone 4S?

  • Qaioud



  • MartianLM

    Almost an instabuy for me having played the through several times, but it's the kind of game where tweaks to core mechanics could really break the game. The Devs obviously have to add something new from the original, I just hope it still has the same great feel of the first.

    • Bloodangel

      Looks pretty much the same to me... just some extra options here n there, and very slightly improved race graphics

      • James-Robert Knight

        To me it looks like a watered down port of their PC version, which isn't a bad thing, PC version is way more advanced. Especially good at $4. ๐Ÿ˜›