One of the cool features that Twitch added kinda-sorta recently is the ability for channels to host other people's streams on their own page. For instance, as of this writing, we're hosting the Games Done Quick event over on our Twitch channel. What this means is when you load up (or pull our channel up on the Twitch app [Free]), and one of us aren't actively streaming, you'll see Games Done Quick instead. It's a cool feature, but Games Done Quick is only hosted twice a year, and we've got tons of opportunities to host other awesome streams. Ideally, I'd love to turn our Twitch channel into a great place to go to see developers and publishers streaming their own iOS games, as discoverability for mobile seems particularly terrible on Twitch unless you're playing Clash of Clans [Free], Clash Royale [Free], or something else unbelievably popular.

If you're an iOS developer or publisher who dabbles at all in streaming on Twitch, please contact us by either just leaving a comment on this story or tweeting @hodapp and we'll add you to the list of streams we automatically host. I've put out a few different calls on Twitter asking folks if they'd like to participate and got oddly few responses. Surely there's more than the a dozen or so iOS developers/publishers who have already contacted me streaming on Twitch?

Anyway, it seems like a pretty cool goal for all of us to work together to carve out a bigger niche on Twitch for mobile stuff. Surely people are interested in watching things that aren't League of Legends and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, right?

  • Friv

    Thanks for Games Done Quick Stream.

  • dancingcrane

    Thanks for giving low discoverability games a chance. I couldn't be less interested in the "Clash" variety of popular games.

  • WaveLightGames

    That would be great. Very interested.

  • Adams Immersive

    Cool use of Twitch! I had fun streaming my game in progress... far too long ago. But soon other projects will be cleared aside and I'll be back at it, finishing the game (Scree) at last!

    Trying to resist adding an ARKit mode for no good reason other than it's neat...

  • Akupara Games

    Hey Eli, we are interested! We host streams on mondays and will let you know the next time we stream our mobile game Star Vikings Forever. Shoot us a DM on Twitter or email