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Bad News Alert: ‘Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition’ Delayed Until Next Week

I usually like to soften the blow of bad news with a little good news. Bad news first: Due to a glitch with the submission of Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, the game needs to be resubmitted and thus will not be launching this week as intended and will likely be coming sometime next week instead. Boo! So for the good news? It’s Friday ya’ll! Well, I tried. Anyway, SFIV:CE should have gone live late Wednesday night or even early Thursday morning, but it wasn’t until last night that Capcom became aware of the glitch with their submission and so they had no choice but to pull the already approved version, which was never able to actually appear in the App Store due to the glitch, and resubmit to Apple.

It sounds like the folks at Capcom would like the game to go live as soon as it’s re-approved, so if Apple is quick enough we may be looking at a release early next week. Unfortunately there’s just no way to have a definitive answer when things are left in Apple’s hands. This is definitely a bummer for people hoping to get their mobile Street Fighter on over the weekend, but in the meantime there is a forum thread full of eager players hungry for the game and the discussion has been lively. Also, I’ve actually had my hands on SFIV:CE for the past week in preparation for a review, so I figure in light of the game being slightly delayed I’d go ahead and field any questions that I could about it in the forum thread to help pass the time. So feel free to drop by that thread and ask away, I’ll answer as much as I can, and you can be sure that the moment Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition does end up going live we’ll give you a hearty heads up!