The Smithsonian American Art Museum hosts an annual event called SAAM Arcade, and this year it will be all about video games. 150 independent developers submitted their games for consideration, and only a few were selected to be featured during the event. Among those few are two mobile games, Fugl and Burly Men at Sea, although the latter was ported over to iOS from the PC. Fugl has been in development since 2014, and our forum thread tracks that whole development arc in great detail. Fugl is a voxel flying game where you play as a bird with free reign to fly and explore the huge procedurally generated worlds.

As you can see from our hand-on at GDC 2017, the game looks gorgeous and should be a treat to play. It's always exciting to see video games become increasingly accepted as cultural artifacts deserving of a place in a space like the Smithsonian. If you are in the Washington D.C. area on August 5th and 6th, make sure to drop by and check the Indie Game Showcase.

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  • bigrand1 this is FINALLY set to be released??? Any idea when?? Been waiting forever!!! I sure hope it does get released after watching and waiting so long, and not put on a shelf at some point and just forgotten! 😉

    • TLaz99

      Fall 2017 is the latest info, we'll see

  • boydstr

    Great,developers and the smaller indies deserved it to see their "work" as an art form sometimes you see fantastic original games with gorgeous hand painted backgrounds an beautiful music and original gameplay mechanics so sometimes a game is so mutch more than plain entertainment.