The excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition has hit fever pitch as of late, with an endless barrage of teaser trailers revealing new fighters, MFi support and a whole host of features that are set to make Capcom's mobile brawler a serious challenger amongst the App Store fighting game community. Only last week did Gamevice release a new video that showcased Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition being played with one of their eponymous devices, and today the accessory company have revealed that an exclusive Street Fighter Bundled Edition is available to pre-order on their website, with a release date of July 2017. As we discovered last week, the Capcom Mobile Facebook page has previously suggested that the latest mobile iteration of Street Fighter will launch in 'early July', so the shipping date of the Gamevice controller should tie in nicely with the game's App Store launch. However, as eagle-eyed forum member ac166 has discovered, the fact that the bundle comes with a $5 Apple Gift Card strongly suggests that Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition will launch for $4.99 as a fully premium title.

While the news that Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is a premium release may not be too big a surprise for the majority of fighting game fans on the App Store, as Capcom have suggested over the past few weeks that the six DLC characters will be released in the form of free updates. Furthermore, both the original Street Fighter IV [$4.99] and the Street Fighter IV Volt [$4.99] sequel were premium titles, so it makes sense that the Champion Edition would follow this trend. That being said, the App Store is an entirely different beast compared to its 2011 self, and with Injustice 2 [Free] and its fighting peers adopting a free-to-play approach it wouldn't be the biggest stretch to expect Capcom to follow suit. The evidence pointing towards a premium release is encouraging, even if it is not definitive - until the game does launch in July, we won't know for certain exactly what sort of Street Fighter we'll be getting, even if these early signs are promising. Until then, feel free to pre-order the Gamevice Street Fighter Bundled Edition on their website, and hadouken down to our forum thread for more discussion on the upcoming Champion Edition.

  • Stetch

    Just hope they don´t release it and then abandon it after 4 months ... Cause ... yeah it looks worth a DL.

    • nkx

      I predict the new characters will be free DL then around ios 13 or 14 when the game gets the only works with iOS 12 warning. Capcom will release street fighter 4 ultra lol

      • Stetch

        Most likely xD

  • Pedro Rama da Silva

    Lol do not compare true fighting games with bs like injustice and touch/swipe freemium junk that the only good thing that it has to offer are graphics,or should be

    • Duane Locsin


      sigh, I love playing great console class (and some good paid indie games) on my iPad on the go....but really for every decent game that comes out, there are like a thousand pieces of junk that comes out on the Apps store that drowns out actual games.

      It would be forgive able in the App stores early days, but this 2017 now.

      the APPocalypse can't come soon enough.

  • WaveLightGames

    Will definitely pick this one up.

  • Cameron Mulder

    Something is seriously wrong with the mobile gaming market when a $5 game is considered “premium”.

    • Pedro Rama da Silva

      well it is premium if you look at it vs "freemium". so even a 0,99 app will be premium.

      • Cameron Mulder

        Which is exactly the problem

      • Stetch

        $9 and up are “real” premium. Rest is just ordinary games.

      • boydstr

        That's the problem with the AppStore these days with all the FTP c••p that
        there are a lot of people that think that "free games" are the standard It is a good thing that (paid) mobile games find their way to the consoles so they can reach mutch more gamers an
        make some well deserved money.

  • Eli Hodapp

    I love your Ferrari comparison, unbelievably spot on.

  • boydstr

    I think that the game unfriendly structure on iOS is one of the biggest problems we have seen more than once that after an IOS update some games stopped working and the pricing is another thing
    some people complain a lot about expensive games but I see games that sell in the AppStore for around €5,-but the same games are sold in the PSN for around €15,-

    • Duane Locsin

      The Apps store is a mess when it comes categorizing and marketing games.

      It's 'Features' and 'Editors' choice' seems more like backroom deals, then actual merits of a game.

      I heard Apple will make a separate section for games, I also hope they make it easier for many to distinguish the type of game they are "paying" for as well.

  • Milotorou

    I think one of the biggest problem is how those phones actually end up in the consumer's hands.

    Most of these iPhones worth 500+$ end up at like 0-149$ with a 2 year term, which leaves the customers with the impression that their device is actually a "0$ device", so when they get prompted to spend 5$ for a game on their phone they "paid nothing for" they feel robbed.

    I think people need to be more aware of the true worth of what theyre holding.

    Reason I am saying all that with confidence is that I work as a Cell phone provider rep, so I see these cases A LOT here...

    • Duane Locsin

      that is a good point,

      "Free 2 have" phone/tablet, pay a lot more later on.

      which is exactly like the games.

    • boydstr

      Free games or phones don't exist there is always a catch mabey you don't pay upfront but when you do the math after your contract time you will find out how "free" your phone was and I always surprised that some people are so stupid that they think that expensive smartphones handed out for free but I don't agree with you that because people don't pay up on front for there phone that they don't want to pay for games.

  • bigrand1

    Is this gonna run on the iPad 4?