Elder Scrolls: Legends [Free], Bethesda's CCG, continues to expand in terms of features, and now it's getting ready to also come to Android phones (don't worry, it's also coming to iPhones soon). If you do your gaming on an Android phone, you should pre-register for the game on Google Play so you can get a free Legendary card at launch, a pretty good deal. Elder Scrolls: Legends has some cool mechanics that make it stand out from games like Hearthstone—including two lanes—and has been adding features quite regularly.

More recently, the game announced that Skyrim content is coming to the game, along with plenty of dragons. So, if you're an Android phone player looking for another CCG to dig your teeth into, go pre-register for Elder Scrolls: Legends.

  • TwoLiterSoda

    Been playing on my iPad but it's going to be nice using my iPhone instead. I ran it if iPhone with jailbreak trick but it constantly crashed. Any week now.

    • Tychaeus

      I think its going to be toward the end of July 😕 or maybe at least mid July. I played since Beta on PC and then continued once beta came to IPAD....but really just love my new iphone so much I don't even wanna touch my old ipad 4 anymore.
      WHY....whyyyyy did they have to iphones THE very last platform release!? 🙄
      Trying to hold out best I can, but getting very excited about the new Skyrim content that I believe is coming June 29th.

  • Kent

    I don't get this? I play on PC and can have an android virtual device, will I still get the card? Or does it have to be a new google play account that will register to the game and start from scratch?