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We Are Closer to Getting a Mobile Version of ‘Neo Scavenger’

A mobile version of Neo Scavenger, the turn-based hex-grid survival game, is closer to being a reality according to the game’s developer. In a recent blog post, Daniel Fedor described the technical difficulties he had to face while trying to port Neo Scavenger on iOS and how he has (finally) overcome those and can now proceed to port it. That should be great news for anyone who enjoys turn-based games since Neo Scavenger is a great example of the genre.

In Neo Scavenger, you’re trying to survive in post-apocalyptic Michigan, navigating the wilderness and finding resources to help keep you alive as you try to learn more about your identity. It features semi-randomized maps, permadeath, and some really cool features. The game was a great success on PC, so I can’t wait to see it on mobile.