As has been always the case in video game history, when game is successful, many follow in its wake. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has sold over 4 million copies, so it's not surprising that mobile developers are trying to capture some of that magic on phones and tablets. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds is one of those games, and it's looking for alpha testers in our Upcoming Games forums. As you can see from the trailer below, the game appears to adopt many of the usual battle royale mechanics of having to find weapons and get to killing people.

Whether this game will end up playing well and whether it will add anything to the battle royale formula or simply walk the same beaten path remains to be seen. If you want to help the developers improve the game, go to our forum thread to apply for the beta.

  • boydstr

    This looks awesome there is a genre that I really miss in the AppStore and that is a single player campaign shooter most of the shooters have real short levels most play within 5 minutes and I think
    that there are a lot of people that like to see such a game but I still like to play this because the trailer looks real promising beautiful graphics and cool action.

    • boydstr

      I was looking on YouTube to find more info about this game and saw some gameplay and looked real cool but I wonder if that kind of gameplay can be working on small screens because the footage that I have seen show big open spaces with some groups of buildings where people can hide and find weapons bandage and pieces to upgrade weapons but when it is possible it should bring some fantastic gameplay.

  • Irenmon

    Applied,this looks amazing!

  • shaneorourke

    I'm seriously addicted to PUBG, having it on mobile would be dangerously addicting. Count me in!

    • boydstr

      Did you play this on PC?

      • shaneorourke

        Yeah, as often as I can

      • boydstr

        I didn't know that it was such a great game I only have a notebook so I can't play this I bought PS4pro for my gaming habits this looks perfect for co-op gameplay I hope it comes to consoles.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Unfortunately it appears to be an Xbox One exclusive on consoles.

      • shaneorourke

        I thought initially BlueHole said they would release for PS4 eventually? I didn't think they've ruled it out completely by going xbone exclusive

      • boydstr

        Ouch that hurts just bought PS4pro.

  • shaneorourke

    Will this release for iOS?

  • drunkenmenace

    99% sure of it. This looks to be the first of its kind and will be printing money for sure

  • eddhigham

    When will I receive the email to test this game? Feels like I've been waiting forever!

  • Nick sabastien


    • shaneorourke

      Did you get the link to the alpha?

  • Momel Mohamed

    Is good