Just yesterday we wrote about Terra Battle 2 being in development, but today we have more information along with the game's first trailer. The game will have a new world map that lets you travel alongside your companions and setting up your formations prior to battle. And, according to the developers, the encounters and farewells that will come with your heroes' journey will be even more emotional and intense than the original game. The developers are planning a summer 2017 release, so we might get our hands on it faster than we thought.

In addition to Terra Battle 2, we are also getting Terra Wars on mobile. The game is co-developed by Mistwalker and Arzest and is based on the characters from Terra Battle. However, the fun twist is that they are all animated using claymation, which will definitely make the game stand out. On the webpage for Terra Wars Hironobu Sakaguchi points out that even though he's old enough that many are calling him a "legend," he wishes to remain an active creator, which is why he plans to develop quite a few Terra World games. Terra Wars doesn't have a release date yet, so you'll have to be patient.

  • bluechipps

    Shame on you TA for letting me know that I'll have to wait a year for this 🙂

  • Ag3ntP3ndergast

    Hmmm. So does this mean the old terra battle app won't work anymore? Or are they still supporting the old terra battle app as well?

    • Ag3ntP3ndergast

      (I mean after terra battle 2 comes out)

    • TLaz99

      They said they will still support the original

  • Steph

    Loved the original so I'm looking forward to part 2.