Set Snail, of Daddy Long Legs [Free] fame, is developing a clever take on the classic Snake game called Snake Towers, and it's looking for beta testers in our forums. Snake Towers will have you endlessly wandering around looking for shiny objects and upgrades as you try to stay alive longer. You'll be going from tower to tower looking for gold, which makes your tail grow, and you can even find special hats—because every game needs hats—and other objects that will help you survive longer.

However, the towers you'll be traversing aren't that welcoming, and they will do things like reverse your controls and shake the ground, making navigating without dying tricky. If the game sounds fun to you, head over to our Upcoming Games forum thread and sign up for the beta to help balance the game.



    Really like that art style and those colors, loved their second game Illi very much, so this should be good going by that game.

  • rezn

    Yes this Dev is very unique. I love their games as well.

    • ROGER-NL

      Just played the game for half an hour and love it, I played many snake games and I feel that this one is one of the better ones, love the art style and you go to different rooms all the time but you can always come back to the same room, mostly there are 4 exits in a room but not always sometimes there is just one or two exits, some rooms have puzzles, for example there are 10 circles on the floor in a pattern and you need to go over that pattern with your snake if your snake is that long it is if it's too short you need to come back when your longer by eating these yellow dots named keys, as I said love it.