Back in August of 2016, we wrote a story about Rovio soft-launching Angry Birds Evolution [Free], and after a year in soft launch purgatory, the game is now out in the US. If you haven't heard anything about Angry Birds Evolution (or you're confusing it with one of the many other Rovio games currently in soft launch), know that this game is Rovio's take on the "bumper cars" style battling popularize by games such as Monster Strike [Free]. You mostly slingshot your characters around with the purpose of hitting your opponent's character at the right angle and with the right amount of power. It's quite a fun mechanic that can make for some fun gaming moments.

As you can also guess from the game's name, you get to collect and evolve your "flock," with over 100 new Angry Birds waiting to be collected. And you get to build your team from your collection, which could end up creating fun "metas" depending on how different the birds are. The game comes with features like weekly events and, of course, PvP, which should be quite fun.

And in an interesting move, Angry Birds Evolution also offers a subscription service that gives you one Premium Egg Ticket every day and 10% more gold and gems when purchasing stuff from the shop. And it costs $24.99 a month, which is pretty high for a F2P game. I'm pretty sure Rovio will be paying close attention to the subscription numbers to see how to tinker with this feature in upcoming games.

  • Defcubusal

    $24.99 a month holy...

  • lezrock


  • Sloany

    Played this a lot and trust me you don't need the subscription at all

  • Jake7905

    It's simply amazing that high quality premium games, that cost $5 or less, are too much of investment for most App Store consumers and are a recipe for financial doom. Yet, people are willing to pour untold amounts into subpar freemium games without batting an eye, and a $25 a month subscription fee for a Angry Birds is where we end up. The App Store consumer created this mess.

    • Jakeopp

      Completely different group of consumers

  • akridge

    Hahahaha seems they should know better?

  • FrehleyzComet

    No way would I pay $25/month for a mobile game. EVER.

    Hell, I've never payed that for premium MMO's that I've played over the years.

  • Qaioud

    IAP: fully evolved.

    I assume the calculation is sth like, "given we only need to attract 0.3% of players as paying whales, the sole purpose of this game should be to attract as many sheepLe as possible to the f2p game whilst making their misery at being TOTALLY CRUSHED (and the joy of TOTALLY CRUSHING them totally worth $25. Per month."

    Good luck with that.

    Also, "Christ."

  • 7lilwhitewolf7


  • chuckfinley

    Two words: f$ck no

  • yearoftherat

    These guys must have been in a medically induced stupor when they decided to do a subscription based app.
    More and more apps are going this route which is unfortunate. Apps that use to be free are now subscription based to so called unlock extra features. This is just another form of fremium.👎
    Developers must be really hurting for money😝

    • Anova

      Subscription based models are probably the best version of fermium yet. It's a fair contract, they keep entertaining you and you keep paying if you're enjoying yourself. Puts pressure on the Devi to give you the experience you want, and in turn they get fair payment for their effort. The people buying into this model aren't the same audience that wants premium games, leave them (us) alone already with the premium rant.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Nailed it.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Dunno. This hybrid model, askin' 25 bucks monthly for...for "one Premium Egg Ticket every day and 10% more gold and gems when purchasing stuff from the shop" is showing probably lowest possible way, how to do that. Sure they can do one more step. Subsription to access the game, always online and iap/premium ingame currency. 🙂

        Anyway, nice comment.
        Btw. I am defender of cheap subscription as most fair model for both sides for exact reasons you've mentioned. And it should work well for big games etc.

        I will play Your awesome fps indie game this month for 1 buck and I will be back eight month from now if it is worthy.
        Cash flow over time for devs.
        Can work also as Patreon/Kickstarter with direct feedback.

        I will choose three to five games monthly and boom.
        It will take some time, but I hope this approach will bring back some seriousness to mobile gaming.

  • Taeles

    Any chance this increased subscription price has any connection with a previous TA article that discussed the possible removal of ingame ad watching for rewards?

    • Eli Hodapp

      I think it's just a new thing companies are trying and seeing decent levels of success with. What's fascinating about free to play is it's exposing so many new people to gaming who don't have these preconceived notions of what things should cost. If you don't have decades of history of buying console games for $60 a pop, and you find some random game for your phone that you really like, subscribing to it isn't that far fetched, particularly as that same person might be subscribed to all sorts of other stuff like Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club, and a bazillion other similar services.

      It's turned into one of my favorite things about mobile, from a business perspective, is that companies are seeing success in so many other business models outside of selling discs in plastic cases.

      • Taeles

        As a long long long time pc mmo gamer i fully support the subscription system on mobile. I'd go on and on about why i love it but its perfectly summarized earlier on in this articles comments (and you liked that comment too) heh.

        I hope this becomes a standard, maybe not at this price but hey there's bound to be experimentation before a solid number becomes standard.

        -thumbs up-

  • TheRealist82

    Dont download it and your ok 😈
    Why so much mimimimi?
    Its a nice sunny day people

  • mrfatuous

    That's whaley expensive.

  • Asterix

    The premise of the game fits well with the Angry Birds universe. The visuals are exceptional. However, it is also extremely expensive if you go down any IAP route. I stopped playing after they kept increasing the gem costs to buy premium tickets. My impression is that is nothing more than a money grab by Rovio.