Fans of the Hot Shots Golf series, known as Everybody's Golf in Japan, should keep their eyes out. The first version of the game, announced in late 2016 for iOS and Android is set to release soon, with preregistration now open for the game. While the game and preregistration are only planned for Japan for now, it's possible to preregister at the game's official website, with a variety of currency rewards for doing so.

Everybody's Golf is developed by Drecom and is being released by ForwardWorks, Sony's mobile gaming branch. Hayashi Shigi of Famitsu reports the game will have 8-player online play, and both he and the Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki have positive reports on the quality of the game after playing. While there's no report yet on a western release, the Hot Shots Golf series has had various releases in the west, so it's plausible we could be playing this in English someday.

  • Pagan Fox

    Sure hope it "Goes West". I remember playing this for hours on my PSP.

  • Septim

    I'd guess just a little after the console launch. That would be a huge sized mobile game but would work well. Got this preordered on PS4 and can't wait.

  • Godspoken

    Worth noting that the next Everybody's Golf game is going by that name worldwide (or at least in NA?). Anyway, I hope this is decent. There will always be a Pangya-shaped hole in my heart.

  • chinito77

    I was a big fan of these games during the early PS days. I think it would a perfect game on the upcoming iPad and iPhone. Looking forward to this game upon release.

  • Jan-Philipp Struck

    any ideas how to join the soft launch?