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‘Framed 2’ Release Date Announced for June 14th

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Loveshack Entertainment has announced that Framed 2 has a release date: June 14th. The original game was a rather creative concept where you rearranged comic panels in the proper way to advance the narrative. The sequel boasts a new Chinese locale, with the same core mechanic involving rearranging panels to form the proper sequence of events. The game starts off with a familiar-looking gentleman with sunglasses and a suit on the run from the cops, but as Framed [appprice url=" “] players should expect, that might not be the only perspective you get in this game. Loveshack has released a new trailer for Framed 2 showing off the game:

While a keen-eyed viewer may notice that there is conspicuously zero mention of the game’s platform in the trailer, or on the game’s website, Framed 2 has been demoed on iOS devices, such as the big ole iPad Pro:

Framed originally released on iOS but eventually came to other platforms like Android, so it’ll be interesting to see on just which platforms you’ll be playing this on at release. I had one of the few lukewarm reviews of the original Framed, so I’m curious to see what the sequel does with the mechanic.

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