The developer of Fluffy Jump [Free] and Pull My Tongue [$0.99] is working on something quite different from those games, and is posting frequent updates in our forums. Glitch is described as a first-person take on the 'impossible game' genre as popularized by, well, The Impossible Game [$0.99] and Geometry Dash [$1.99 / Free]. You'll be constantly dodging obstacles at high speed, and it looks like turning different directions will be part of the experience as well:

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It looks really slick so far, and the first-person take on this 'impossible game' seems like a smart idea. Granted, this is still fairly early in development, so a lot could change! But, it sure looks promising. Keep an eye on the forum thread for more GIFs, and updates on the game's progress. And quite possibly, a beta of the game when it's further down the road. Our upcoming games forum is full of games like these getting development updates and betas, and while we'll try to tell you about the cool ones, there's further updates to keep track of.

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    Developers are still making games like this? Good stuff.