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‘Autumn Dynasty’ Developers Touch Dimensions Need Beta Testers for New Game ‘Strain Tactics’

The developers at Touch Dimensions, who made Autumn Dynasty ($1.99), are hard at work on another game, Strain Tactics, and need beta testers from our forums. This is described as a tactical action-RPG, taking place from a top-down perspective, in a futuristic cyberpunk world. You’ll command a team of up to 5 members, taking on an infectious alien strain that has taken over the world. There’s over 80 characers to play as, and a wide variety of loot and items to equip them with across 30 different maps, utilizing several different scenarios to fight aliens in.

I’m interested to see how a mouse-heavy game like this adapts to the touchscreen, though there’s the promise of both group and individual unit control, along with features that you as the commander can deploy to help your squad out. If you want to beta test this one, check out the forum thread for instructions on how to sign up for the beta test.