ReplayKit is Apple's system level solution for streaming and recording the action that happens on your iOS device, and is there any game that's more well-suited for the sharing of antics than Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [$6.99]? The answer is "no" or at the very least, "probably not." If you feel that way too then today has brought some good news as GTA: San Andreas has just received a new update that adds in ReplayKit support for iPhone 6S and later devices as well as 64-bit support to bring the game compliant for Apple's upcoming 32-bit Appocalypse.

As we've lamented before, ReplayKit has been woefully underutilized by developers, and under promoted by Apple, so it's really nice to see such a high profile game like San Andreas take advantage of the feature. Oh, and in case you're wondering, all of the previous Grand Theft Auto iOS releases and Rockstar's other games have already been updated with 64-bit support in the past couple of years, so it looks like these gems will be spared whenever 32-bit support gets fully dropped in the App Store. But if you're looking to share your crazy shenanigans in the biggest of the GTA 3D trilogy then grab this latest update and start causing some havoc.

  • Dankrio

    Bring it to brazilian store, grrrr

  • Azhmir Morente

    Hopefully it will fix that white flashes in the GTA SA for iphone 7 because that freaking annoys me. .-.

    • Anonomation

      Happens to me too on 6s

    • SimiaDei

      That annoyed the hell out of me too, but I haven't seen any since the update.

  • ErikVeland

    Great and all, but when is it coming to the AppleTV where it belongs?

    • Anonomation

      You can airplay pretty with a smooth frame eye if you have a high end device and an TV 4. Otherwise that controls are too limited, see the Modern Combat 5 controls for example

      • ac166

        Not with a mfi controller 🙂

    • ac166

      Yes! Atv would be amazing!

  • Bunion