‘Minecraft PE’ Discovery Update Trailer Shows the New Features – Update Coming Soon

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I’ve been “patiently" waiting to play the new Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99) Discovery update, and it looks like I won’t have much longer to wait. According to the latest tweet, the update is coming “soon," although we all know that the word “soon" is a relative one in the world of gaming. More importantly, though, we got the first trailer for the Discovery Update, and it’s a fun one. The trailer shows off the whole journey to the woodland mansion, with your trusted llamas by your side, and much more that you can tease out of the trailer if you’re observant. Look for things like glazed terracotta and the Totem of Undying, for instance.

Although the trailer doesn’t show it, we are also getting the Minecraft Marketplace when the Discovery Update hits, which is also very exciting since it will bring a ton of content to the game. I don’t know when the update will hit, but I have a feeling it’s not too far away.

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