Racing video games have taken a bit of a personal renaissance for me lately. Maybe it's been instigated by the exhilarating and frankly ridiculous 200cc mode on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but I can't get enough of any title that lets me take a blistering accurately racing line around a particularly nasty corner. The App Store thankfully has its own share of brilliant driving experiences, from the blistering pace of Riptide GP: Renegade [$2.99] to the more methodical simulation of Rush Rally 2. Today, Ace Racing Turbo [$1.99] joins the former camp in fast paced action, and after a limited soft launch earlier this month the game has finally released worldwide on mobile devices for the sweet price of absolutely nothing (with some in-app purchases in the back seat).

From the screenshots and the developer citing games such as Daytona USA and F-Zero as inspiration, it's clear that the team at AH Game had pure spectacle and high-octane speeds at the forefront of their minds while developing Ace Racing Turbo. The amalgam of otherworldly speeds and realistic driving mechanics may seem contradictory, but it does put Ace Racing Turbo in its own unique position within the genre, and with 20 spiralling tracks and 9 cars to experiment with, there should be a lot of content to keep you occupied. It may be somewhat rough around the edges, and we did point out some interface issues in the original soft launch, but something about Ace Racing Turbo's complete commitment to speed above all else scratches a particular itch, and I can't wait to see how it translates onto the smaller screen of the iPhone. Ace Racing Turbo is available worldwide for both iOS and Android devices, and don't forget to stake your place on the podium and join in the discussion on our forum thread.

  • Chq

    "..Daytona USA and F-Zero as inspiration.." ☝️😂👍 Sorry.

  • braidenjb

    Just Downloaded it!

  • MajesticLobster

    Clunky controls, ghastly soundtrack, ugly interface. Some nice graphical effects though.


    I find myself a bit miffed at the lack of additional camera views available. However, I do like the graphical emphasis on speed. (Turbo....) It's also free, so I'm happy.